Mirror, Mirror: Tasteful and Tactful Tips for Gifting a Cosmetic Procedure


Finding the perfect gift for a someone special is always a tricky task and one innovative present-giving idea that has grown in popularity recently is the gift of a lift.

Whilst the actual process of getting cosmetic surgery through someone like KR Plastic Surgery is likely to prove an uplifting experience in more ways than one, you do need to be tactful and sure that the person you are gifting a cosmetic procedure to will welcome the offer.

Determine what they want

If you want your gift of a lift or whatever cosmetic procedure you are contributing financially towards, to be well received, you will need to do your homework and determine exactly what sort of work they are looking to have done.

If you know that the person you are buying is definitely interested in having some cosmetic work your next step should be to do some subtle research and find out from them exactly what it is that they are interested in having done.

The most important thing to remember is to confirm that they do want to have a cosmetic procedure in the first place, so that you can be sure that your gift of contributing towards or paying the full cost, is well received.

No guarantee

Another very salient point to bear in mind is that even though you may be kind enough to provide the gift of funding their cosmetic work there is absolutely no guarantee that the recipient will actually be accepted by their doctor as suitable for the procedure in question.

If the specialist that is being entrusted to do the work does not feel that your friend or loved one is a suitable patient, their professional approach and guidance will take precedence and it may also prove at some point that the recipient of your gift also decides that they simply don’t want to go ahead with the work.

The patient should always have the free will to make their own mind up and decide whether to go ahead once they have been confirmed as a suitable candidate, so you should not consider giving the gift of a cosmetic procedure if you are not prepared to accept that there is no guarantee that the recipient will take advantage of your generosity.

Judging the reaction

Having cosmetic surgery is a very personal thing and even if you are closely or romantically involved with the person who is to receive the gift, you should try to assess their reaction to your offer of financing a procedure on their behalf.

One of the most common faux-pas it seems is when the partner listens to their loved one make regular comments about a certain part of their anatomy that they would like to change if they could.

Just because they complain fairly regularly that their breasts are not as firm as they used to be or that their bottom could do with a lift, does not necessarily mean that they have contemplated doing something about it in the form of having cosmetic surgery.

You don’t want your partner to be insulted by your offer and there are plenty of wives who simply want their husbands to listen to their complaints but not expect them to take action.

Gifting a surgical procedure is a generous and caring thing to do, as long as you know that the person receiving the gift definitely wants to receive the offer of help.

Dr Kevin Rughe is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and specializes in aesthetic surgery. He always welcomes the opportunity to share his observations and research with a wider audience online. He has already written a number of informative articles that have appeared on relevant websites.