Osteopathy Medicine


In addition to back pain, if you suffer from ailments, such as sports injuries, neck pain, tendinitis, or jaw pain Osteopath Melbourne may be able to help alleviate your symptoms. Osteopathy approaches treatment from a holistic (whole body) viewpoint. Manual techniques are used to provide balance in all the systems of the body with the intent of putting the body in balance for overall good health.

Education and Training
To practice in Australia, osteopaths must have successfully completed a degree concentrated in osteopath medicine. Universities across Australia have accredited programs for those interested in osteopathic studies. The Australasian Osteopathic Accreditation Council oversees and approves programs of study that meet its stringent criteria. Universities, such as, Southern Cross, Victoria, and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have approved programs.

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Trust in Medical Care
For effective treatment, patients have to trust their medical care provider. To develop trust, be totally open about your medical problems with your osteopath and expect openness in return. Patients can help by doing some research before choosing a practitioner. Experience, education, and updated credentials are some things to look for when investigating osteopaths’ backgrounds. Asking questions throughout treatment is an additional safeguard for patients to develop trust.

Personable and knowledgeable osteopaths, like those in practice with City Osteopathy, treat their patients with compassion and respect so they receive the most effective treatment possible. Effective treatment means the patient is well on the way to once again enjoying life.