Pest Nest? Signs Your Home May Be Infested


Are you worried that there may not just be you and your family living in your home? A pest or vermin infestation are most family’s worst nightmares. After all, do you want to find out you are sharing your home with a family of rats or ants? Not likely! Thankfully, there is plenty you can do to prevent just a couple of small critters turning into a large infestation. You just need to make sure you try and fix things before the couple of insects or mice you spotted turn into a big infestation! Here are the signs to watch out for.

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Nesting Evidence

If you do have rats or mice in your home, they will make small nests for themselves to live in. These will be, more often than not, in quiet areas of your home where you and your family rarely go. Spaces like the attic and basement are where you are likely to find these nests. But you should also regularly check in any drawers that you rarely use as well. If they are warm and quiet, they will be the perfect place for mice and rats to make their nests!

Strange Smells And Sounds

If you do have some pests and vermin in your house, they will be leaving distinct smells that can help you spot them. Not only that, though, but they might also be making some curious noises that you could hear. Bugs have a strong musty, sometimes sweet, smell. As rats and mice will be doing their business around your home, you may smell their urine quite strongly. Many people also claim that an oily smell in the home is a sign of roaches. If you can smell these strange aromas as well as hear some off noises, it could be worth calling a pest exterminator to investigate:

Damaged Plants

It could also be worth looking outside in your garden for signs that you have pests and vermin in your home. If you notice any small insects eating your plants, there is a chance that these might have made their way into your home. Especially if the damaged plants are very close to the wall of your property. Take a look at your lawn as well and see if you can spot any mole holes. Moles live in soil that is rich with worms and insects. These insects could have also made it inside. You can find out how to deal with garden pests online:

Active Pests

One of the most common signs you have an infestation in your home is if you see the odd active pest. Don’t just think that this one insect or mouse is a random occurrence. It could be a sign that there are more elsewhere in your home. It is important that you act as soon as you see one so that this doesn’t turn into a major problem for you.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to tell if your home is harboring pests!