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I’m a Nana, only my grand kids call me Nonnie.  Their great grandfather is Papa.  So, I can surely relate to Camp Nana Papa.  It really is a place where Grandparent’s can SHOP.

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The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa

When our kids were young, their grandparents (Mimi and Papa) would take them for long weekends, and Mimi called their home Camp Serene…in a vague attempt to have a peaceful weekend.  Silly woman! As a grandmother, I have no delusions.  I know that when the grand kids come to visit it’s going to be a loud and messy affair, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The same with my husband.  We have a pact….what happens at our house STAYS at our house. (Now if we could only get the grand kids to keep quite.)


Flash the Firefly

I never really understood the grandparent-grandchild relationship until I became a grandmother.  Who could have ever truly explained to me just how much you can love a little one that “isn’t your own’?  It is a love affair that is beyond comprehension.  So when I was approached by the creators of Camp Nana Papa, it was an almost instant connection.

The Camp Nana Papa website has some of the most wonderful items for sale.  Just the place to find the perfect gift for a granddaughter or grandson.  Unique gifts that will be treasured for a long time to come. My Granddaughter, Gracie, was so excited when our box arrived.  She absolutely loves to be read to, so we climbed into my bed and snuggled up under the covers.  She clung tight to Flash, as I read the book to her…again and again and again! We talked about how much fun it is to spend time together and how special our love for one another is.


The Grand Life™ is the best of the best. Nothing is more meaningful and fulfilling than becoming a grandparent. There is an unspeakable love born with the arrival of one’s first grandchild; and thereafter, the more the merrier!

Donnie Cranfill, the creator and founder of Camp Nana Papa™, began to notice that many of his friends and business associates were becoming grandparents. Once a grandparent, their behavior and activities on all social media channels showed a drastic change – every picture and video seemed to be related to their new status in life as a grandparent. He read their posts, viewed their pictures, and watched their videos. There was an unmistakable and palpable level of passion and joy in their lives like never before. Then he reflected on the many life memories he had experienced with his grandmother, Flora Bell Carlton, and thus, Camp Nana Papa™ was born.

The goal of Camp Nana Papa™ is to discover ways to celebrate and memorialize the many memories of the grandchild-grandparent relationship. In everything we do, our mission is to help families “Make Grand Memories”.

Camp Nana Papa™ continues to create ideas, provide tools and resources, and connect grandparents and grandchildren around the world. We invite you to be a part of this journey. You can purchase products, connect with “Grands” everywhere in the world through our social media channels, and get great ideas for activities and fun from our blog and Facebook page.


Princess Chaise Lounge

I can just picture my granddaughters stretched out on this Princess Chaise Lounge. Besides being ADORABLE, it’s practical.

Shop for blankies, and books…nursery decor…furniture, gift sets, and so much MORE. Camp Nana Papa is all about Grandchildren AND their Grandparents, so of course, there are great gifts for us as well. I’ve had my eye on a few things, like this super tote bag.

The Grand Life Tote Bag

The Grand Life Tote Bag

My husband would wear this t-shirt, quite proudly!

Grand T-Shirt

Once you’re a Grand…you’ll understand, T-Shirt

Check out Camp Nana Papa…it’s great place to spend some time!

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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