Spreading love and empowerment, one Zymbol at a time

A few years ago something amazing happened to our family.   One night my lovely mother, Sally Short, was doodling and she wrote down the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ stacking each letter on top of the next with a peace sign.

She loved the design and message so much that she decided to send it off to be cast as a pendant.  A few months later my sister and I randomly saw the pendant sitting on its side and we noticed a ‘K’ popping out.  Since there’s no ‘K’ in the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’, it got us curious and motivated us to look for other letters. That night, we ended up sitting down as a family and uncovering the entire alphabet and every number hidden within the doodle!!  We decided to create a line of inspirational jewelry based on the design.  We named it Zymbol as it is one symbol representing all letters A-Z.

(This is a picture of the first Zymbol!!)

Given that Zymbol contains every letter of the alphabet and every number, it can represent any and all messages; from private anecdotes to everyday affirmations.

I personally wear mine representing daily goals and intentions.

Over the years we’ve collected heart-warming testimonials from breast cancer survivors, members of the military, children who have been bullied and people who have lost loved ones.  Each person wears Zymbol containing their own personal message of inspiration. Even though the design is physically the same, the meaning is different for everyone.

(My Mom and Sister!)

We started out by setting up a local arts and craft shows in Colorado and Texas.   As our story spread we were able participate in bigger conferences and expos.

(My mom and I at our first expo in New York)

One Zymbol at a time, we were able to build a tribe of followers that have supported us to this point.

(Two new members of our ‘tribe’!)

To date, we’ve had over 40 people tattoo our design!

We’ve always thought of Zymbol as a gift to our family. We pay it forward by visiting Children’s Hospitals where we gift out acrylic pendants to the kids.

We provide them with blank sheets of Zymbols that allow them to trace out their personal messages of inspiration.

Our mission statement is simple…‘Impact millions of people’s lives in a positive way through Zymbol.

There have been many ups and downs throughout our journey.  Launching a product is no easy task!!   Visiting Children’s Hospitals and receiving personal testimonials drives us to move forward.  Most importantly, we’ve been able to grow our business as a family.

(The newest member of our Family, Juniper Opal Odiorne)





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