Star Signs And Their Personality Traits


Like many of us, you may be kindling a new interest in the zodiac and the influence it has over our personalities and relationships. The unique characteristics of each star sign are influenced by the qualities and elements tied to each sign. Here’s a brief look at the 12 signs of the zodiac. Whether you want to understand your relationship, a friend or a relationship a little better, I hope this post starts you off on the right track.

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Aries is a fire sign and is represented by a ram. Aries are usually very strong-willed and exacting in the work they do, fuelled somewhat by their high expectations of their self and the situations in their life. They can be ambitious, and don’t usually have a problem with taking risks. While they’re often impatient and passionate about things, they remain loyally devoted to their friends and family. Many Aries are often athletic, adventurous and bold, which reflects in their intense sexual appetites and devotion as lovers.


Taurus is an earth sign, represented by a bull. Like a bull, a Taurus is usually strong, with a lot of stamina for both physical and mental tasks. Also like a bull, they can be a little stubborn in their views and opinions. They appreciate the finer things in life, tend to be a little materialistic, but also have a strong appreciation for art. Though they may appear selfish in their views, they are often generous with their money and possessions. A Taurus will often keep their feelings bottled up.


Gemini is an air sign, represented by embracing twins. Geminis are generally chatty and outgoing with their views and knowledge, and rely on logical analysis of a situation more than their gut instincts. They are easily bored, versatile and adaptable to change. Many of them are quick-minded and have a sharp wit.


Cancer is a water sign and represented by a crab. One of their biggest defining traits is a love of the home unit. Their family and friends come before anything else, and they often have a deep interest in their family history. Unlike Geminis, Cancers are more swayed by gut instincts than the logical part of their mind. This makes emotions hard to cover up. In order to feel secure and comfortable, a Cancer will usually have a deep-rooted craving for a stable home life. Here’s more.


Leo is a fire sign and represented by a Lion. They’re distinguished by being bold, courageous, and daring. A Leo likes to be in the spotlight, and will sometimes employ drama to get what they want. Despite this, they’re generous and loving, and make strong leaders. They maintain healthy self-worth and always exert their will.


Virgo is represented by a virgin and is an earth sign. They have high expectations of both themselves and others. Virgos are good at controlling their emotions, developing skills, and achieving success in their careers. They’re very analytical, and have no trouble focusing on the task at hand. However, they also tend to be perfectionists with a critical eye.


Libra is an air sign, represented by a blind Lady Justice holding scales. They constantly wrestle to create harmony and balance in their lives. They have a potent attraction to music, beauty and art, and maintain a strong focus on justice and equality in all social situations. They’re also very sensual, in and out of the bedroom.


Represented by a scorpion, this water sign can often have a stinging effect with their words and actions. They want things to be big and bold in many aspects of their lifestyle, and enjoy heated debate over pretty much anything. Despite this hot-headedness, they assess situations carefully before leaping in. Scorpios make great entrepreneurs, and have the mental fortitude to overcome some seriously challenging obstacles. They are passionate, but sometimes very possessive lovers.


Sagittarius is a fire sign and represented by a centaur, making it the only star sign to be symbolized by a mythological creature. A typical Sagittarius will have a strong sympathy for animals, and will be brimming with passion. A Sagittarius will soak up information like a sponge, and can often be quite philosophical. They have sharp intellects to accompany these traits, and enjoy puzzles and mental challenges. This is stoked by a constant high energy that keeps them looking for the next challenge, or nugget of information. A Sagittarius may have trouble committing to things, and needs a certain degree of freedom to be comfortable. However, they remain appreciated and devotional lovers with the right partner.


Another earth sign, Capricorn is represented by a goat. They are distinguished by their strong attachment to their homes and families. They are usually great organizers and can approach problems in a practical, proactive way. They don’t open up naturally, and will sometimes keep their opinions to themselves. Despite this, they make loyal and trustworthy friends once you break their shells. They plan each stage of their life thoroughly, and can feel distressed without a firm plan in place.


Despite being represented by a pot pouring water, Aquarius is an air sign. These people usually have eclectic groups of friends, and embrace unconventional, bohemian lifestyles. They have a strong sense of justice, and will often get involved in humanitarian causes. They enjoy art and leisure, and are very sociable and intelligent.


Finally, we have Pisces, which is represented by a fish. Naturally, this is a water sign. A Pisces is usually an old soul, and brimming with insight and knowledge. They can be deeply emotional and unassuming, and so selfless that it can get in their way. Some people believe Pisces to be naïve, but this is usually a misunderstanding of benevolence and understanding. They’re devoted as friends and lovers.

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I hope that this post has given you some great insight into the characteristics of yourself, your friends and family. A keen understanding of the zodiac can help to make our relationships stronger, and open up exciting new paths in our professional lives.