Staying on Top of a Busy Schedule Using Nutrition


Don’t let your busyness or business drag you down any longer. Don’t let your health decline as you sacrifice healthy food for not-so-healthy alternatives; and don’t miss out on any more meals. yes, it’s all easier said than done, but there are ways in which you can fit nutrition and healthiness into a busy lifestyle.

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One way to target your bad habit of missing meals, especially breakfast, is by choosing to lead a blended lifestyle. The speed of preparation when using a blender means that if you’re late for work in the morning, and you know you have to eat something or you’ll flake out even before lunch, you can just throw a host of lovely ingredients into it and let it do the work for you. You can simply then pour everything you’ve blended into a container and then drink it eat your hearts content, even as you travel to work. And once you have finished your blended concoction, you will more than likely be full. If blended at the right thickness, blended smoothies can be almost food like. If blended extremely thick it is possible to even ‘chew’ the smoothie and maybe even eat it with a spoon. This allows the digestive enzymes in the mouth to pre-initiate digestion, resulting in a feeling of fullness not too dissimilar to that you feel after a three-course meal, only done a lot faster and a lot easier. One of the best things about it all: one you get home there will be next to no breakfast washing up to do.

There is a lot of scientific proof that vouches for the intake of nutritious smoothies as well. If you have a green smoothie, for instance, you can easily get your five a day in, weight loss is easier (click here to see the facts), your immune system is boosted and you are provided with natural energy, rather than caffeine or sugars. Also, blending doesn’t have the impact on your blood sugar as other options do, such as juicing. Fibre is one great way to lower the glycemic index of a food, and juicing eliminates just about every shred of fibre, whilst blending doesn’t.

As well as all of this, blended substances off the chance for you to mix anything together, meaning you can heap in a load of ice-cream for a cheat day. These days are normal, and even healthy but remember: don’t overdo the snacks. You can also throw in a load of superfoods. Soups, for example, are a perfect platform to get the whole gang of vegetables back to together for one appetising meal. But if soups aren’t really for you, there are other ways to get all that superfood goodness. As smoothies can be made with a wide range of ingredients, you can put everything and anything you want in them to make a drink that’s not only good for you, but tastes amazing. Wheatgrass powder is a superfood option that you should definitely consider putting into a smoothie. Because wheatgrass has an unusual and distinctive taste, meaning you’re not likely to want it usually, putting it into a smoothie makes it easier to consume, and your insides will soon be thanking you.

The trick with healthy eating is to make the food you are eating appetising: it is a must. How many times have you vowed to start eating your five fruit a day, only to stop after two days because you can’t stand the taste of what you’re putting through your lips any longer? Ways to make sure you’re buying not only healthy food, but appetising food include: buying fruits when fresh and in season in order to get them at their peak flavour; serving them with a dip or dressing, like fat free or low-fat yogurt for fruits such as strawberries and melons; and serving them with a variety of other fruits of different textures, i.e. having the crunchy apples, smooth bananas and juicy oranges all together in one big bowl. As well as this, there are other ways for you to stay Healthy but Smart, by getting nutrition from things like curcumin, coconut oil and lemon water.

So, now you know there are a whole host of ways in which you can fit all of that important nutrition into your busy schedule, what’s stopping you? Eating healthy and getting the right nutrients will help you feel more alive after a long day at work, meaning you’ll finally be able to start using that extra free time, previously spent asleep, making plans to chase your dreams!