Relocating – Our 3 Top Tips


If you have decided to relocate, as you move up the property ladder, this can be a stressful experience for some, and definitely involves a high level of planning and preparation. Lining up the right dates is always difficult, and with timing of the essence, is it often necessary to use temporary storage. The relocation company, if you are using one, would be able to take most of the strain, and with packing services available, the customer can sit back and relax. If you are soon to undergo the upheaval of moving house, here are some useful tips to make the experience a pleasant one.

  1. Source Local Storage Facilities

Even if the move can be made in a single day, you will still have a mountain of items that aren’t going to the new abode, and you aren’t A 2 B First Imagequite sure what to do with them. Temporary storage is the perfect solution, and if you happen to be in Western Australia, there are online companies that offer affordable storage in Perth. After the move is completed, you can use the storage space for that old car you are restoring, or perhaps a place to keep the garden furniture in the winter. There is affordable storage in Perth by A2B Removals, who are also fully qualified to handle the move, wherever your destination.

  1. A Reputable Relocation Company

Unless you are a single person with a studio apartment, you are best advised to seek the help of a removalist, as they are fully equipped to move all your valued possessions safely, and with the minimum of inconvenience to you. The removal company would send someone round to your home to discuss the move, and also to make a full inventory of exactly what is going and what is not. They are experienced packers, and are experts at dismantling and reassembling furniture, and if the worst does happen, the removalist would be fully insured against all damages.

  1. Plan the Move

There is much to arrange, including turning off the essential services at the old residence, and making sure the utilities are connected at the new home, so it is best to create two checklists, one for each residence, and add things as you think of them. You will certainly have to organise a spring cleaning of the new property, which should include deep cleaning all of the carpets. If you are using a professional moving company, then things are relatively stress-free, and you will be able to oversee things, and make sure nothing gets left behind. Keep both sets of keys in a safe place, and remember to confirm the actual move dates with the removalist in advance. Don’t be tempted to take everything when you leave, as this is a good opportunity to remove things that are not used, or perhaps have seen better days. The removalist will more than likely have temporary storage space for hire, so you can use this facility to store things, at least until you decide what you are going to keep and what should be disposed of.

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