Stop Being Unsafe When You Sunbathe!


Having sun-kissed skin is often a souvenir from a fantastic holiday or weekend away. It a sign that you’ve been enjoying yourself outside, relaxing under the warmth of the sun. Many people claim that they look and feel more healthy once they’ve got a tan. This is because the sun is beneficial to your bodies by providing vital nutrients and vitamins. But it can be harmful too. Despite knowing about premature aging and the risk of cancer, sun worshipers will take risks to get the glowing skin they desire. While there is nothing wrong with sunbathing, it needs to be done safely. Look at the following suggestions to find out how you can tan and stay safe at the same time.

Never use sunbeds

Sunbeds are a quick and often inexpensive way to extend the life of your tan. Some people even use them to prepare their skin before they jet off on holiday. Unfortunately, this is a highly dangerous tactic to use. While they may stop your tan from fading, they can increase your chances of developing skin cancer significantly. Their UV lights also don’t provide the right nutrients for your body to regenerate and protect itself. So regardless of how amazing the staff at the salon say they are, don’t believe the hype. Choose to have a fake tan instead, which can make you look beach ready in no time. Just be advised that fake tan often doesn’t contain sun protection

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Head to the shade

Many people believe that if you want to tan, you need to spend hours in direct sunlight. While this will tan your skin, too much time in the sun significantly raises risks to your health. So whether you’re on a beach or in your garden, remember that you need to spend time in the shade too. This can help you develop a more long lasting tan, which won’t be harmful to your health. Look for an outdoor daybed with a canopy or position your towel under an umbrella. Plants and trees can also provide shade that can keep your skin cool. Just remember that not all types of shade provide full protection from the sun. So it needs to be combined with other safety measures and not used by itself.

Apply sunscreen

The most obvious tip for staying safe when you tan is by applying the right kind of sunscreen. It can be tempting to grab a low factor sunscreen when you want sun-kissed skin. But this will make your skin more susceptible to sun damage and painful burning. You’re always better off buying a high factor or full spectrum sunscreen. This will still allow your skin to tan but will give you sufficient protection from the sun’s rays. Check the SPF of a sunscreen before you buy and remind yourself to reapply every few hours. You should also wear a large hat and sunglasses for additional protection.

Use these suggestions when your home or away, to ensure your tan isn’t causing damage to your health. You can show off how amazing you look without worrying out the possible consequences.