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The Original Hands Free Leash System from Leisure Leash

Leisure Leash

I have 2 dogs, Gung Poe Wigglebutt and Gabe.  Poe is a little black Pug and Gabe is a Lab/Weimaraner mix.  Gabe is my Service Dog, so he goes almost everywhere with me. He goes hopping, to restaurants, to church, and to my doctor and lab appointments.  About the only place he doesn’t go is to the nail and hair salon, since the chemicals are too strong for his very sensitive nose.  As you can imagine, I’m always on the lookout for great pet products – for both of my boys!

Leisure Leash

About Leisure Leash

The Leisure Leash was designed to accommodate teaching, training, flexibility, economy and convenience. The best part is your dog carries the Leisure Leash and gives you a total hands free option for playing in dog parks, beach running and freedom in other open spaces. We are proud to say that our product is handmade from start to finish in America.

I was excited to give the Leisure Leash a try…and I wasn’t disappointed! It’s actually quite ingenious. Since I’m short, the length of the leash is perfect for me.  If my son or husband takes Gabe for a walk, they can use the extender if they wish. Being able to “flip” the leash around his neck when we get into the car is a huge time saver, and I love that it is out of the way, but always at hand. Unlike other leashes, if left on it doesn’t get tangled up in his seat belt harness! These are quality leashes, and I’m sure that mine will last for years to come.

Leisure Leash

LLeash LogoAll the color options are great.  I tend to lean towards black and red, since they match his vests, but I’m thinking of getting a few in other colors, since they are so pretty. Head on over to Leisure Leash, and check out all they have to offer:

  • Leashes
  • Leash Extenders
  • Poop Bag Holders
  • Dog Walking Belts

Leisure Leash

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