Studying in Another Country: Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Learning Destination


Students love the idea of going to far away places and experiencing new things. Parents like the concept too, especially since it takes someone with a bit of experience to realize the benefit of travel. When cost does not place limitations on opportunity, a student has a large number of options. How can they pick the perfect learning destination? Perhaps students and families should start by considering a number of places.


Italy has been attracting tourists for decades. The art, food, language, and culture is centuries old. The good news is that students don’t need to know Italian in order to study in the country. However, to truly appreciate the culture and access the natives, it’s a huge benefit to speak the Italian tongue.


Spain offers students rich culture, a mixture of landscapes, as well as a lot of options regarding subjects to study. The Spanish people are very welcoming and students enjoy mixing with locals while partaking in local dance and delicacies. However, a student could become their biggest impediment if they don’t make an effort to get out of their comfort zone and find some locals to rub elbows with.


Many backgrounds are rooted back to England one way or other. It’s rich in history but it’s not a huge culture shock for American students traveling away from their home country for the first time. As suggested above, a student can get too comfortable in England, which defeats the purpose of stepping out of one’s zone of comfortability. Learn more about spending the season attending a London summer school.


It’s the place to study hard science, business, and the German language. However, studying here can be challenging if one is not familiar with the language. Of course, the people and the experiences are attractive to young students who hear great things about Germanic hospitality and Oktoberfest celebrations.


Japan is incredibly exotic to those who have never traveled to the far East. There’s a lot to mesmerize newcomers including technology, cherry blossom trees, and a beautiful language. However, a student and their family should do some financial planning since the voyage as the cost of living for a young person can be quite expensive. Peer into work-study programs that put some cash in students’ pockets while they’re abroad. Work can help a student gain a greater sense of discipline.


Argentina is a place rich with culture and is an absolute outdoor playground, offering many trails to hike and waterfalls to stimulate the senses. Argentinian culture is influenced by Italian ways, so don’t expect to hear and speak the textbook version of Spanish here.

Costa Rica

Students love coming to Costa Rica for the weather, the social life, and the laidback atmosphere. However, this is not the place to be gullible. Students and tourists need be aware of tourist traps and ranging prices on staple items. If you’re not aware of the cost of common items, you can get ripped off.