Stunning Children’s Books from Quarto Knows


Stunning Children’s Books from Quarto Knows

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I feel that reading truly is fundamental and that we should surround our kids with quality reading material, from a very early age. As the mother of 10 and the grandmother of 23, I have seen many many books for children over the years.  I’ve seen a many mediocre books, a few really bad books and quite a lot of good books.  The books that I recently received from Quarto Knows, go on my GREAT Children’s Books, list!

What are some of my criteria for a great children’s book?

  • Big Bright Engaging Illustrations and/or Quality Photographs
  • Information That’s Relevant to the Child’s Age
  • Intriguing Stories
  • A Little Whimsy Now and Then
  • Fun Reading for Grownups Too

This is exactly what I got with the following 3 books

Creaturepedia (Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth), by Adrienne Barman

My grand daughter and I poured over this one from cover to cover.  I don’t know who was more enthralled, because we were both glued to the pages.  Oh my goodness, the illustrations are fantastic.  Some had us laughing till our sides hurt. Along with the silliness, it’s chock full of interesting tidbits on both well knows animals and ones that we had never heard of before!

QK CreaturejpgAtlas of Adventures (A collection of natural wonders, exciting experiences and fun festivities from the four corners of the globe), by Rachel Williams and illustrated by Lucy Letherland.

We were able to explore the world without leaving our home.  No dry boring facts, but loads of information that left us wanting more. Our world is so big and fascinating.  The illustrations are fabulous. I look forward to being able to purchase the Activity Fun Pack that will be coming out soon.
Atlas of Adventures_CVR sml-1000x1000

The Wonder Garden (Wander through 5 habitats to discover 80 amazing animals), by Jenny Broom

The illustrations in this book are absolutely stunning.  If there wasn’t a single word written on it’s pages, it would still be a total success. It takes it’s readers through 5 marvelous habitats.  The Great Barrier Reef, the Black Forest, the Himalayan Mountains, the Chihuahuan Desert and the Amazon Rainforest.

The Wonder Garden


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