Surprise Your Pregnant Friend With These 4 Ideas


As you will know if you if you have ever carried a child, being pregnant is an amazing experience. While there’s something wonderful about growing a mini human, being pregnant also comes with its downsides. When you’re with child, and your body is full of hormones, feeling a little emotional is normal. However, sometimes, all these extra hormones can leave you feeling really down, especially at the end of your pregnancy.

While you can’t magically make your friend’s baby appear, what you can do is take the time to cheer her up. Often, all it takes to cheer a pregnant woman up is finding a way to make her smile, taking her mind off the discomfort.

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If you want to give your pregnant friend a boost and put a smile back on her face, try one of these five ideas:

  1. Treat her to a pamper

You won’t ever find a pregnant woman who will say no to a good pamper, especially as her body is probably aching all over. Book the two of you into a local spa for a day of pampering – massages, facials and any other treatments that you think she’ll enjoy.

If a spa day is a little out of your price range, have a home spa day instead. Paint her nails and a home facial, and she’ll soon cheer up. While you can buy the bits and bobs that you need for a home spa day, you can also make them yourself. This not only saves money but also ensures that you only use natural products. During pregnancy, the skin becomes a lot more sensitive to chemicals. So natural products are best to use for your pamper session.

  1. Go for lunch

Book a table at her favorite restaurant and surprise her with a lunch date. Sometimes, when you’re pregnant, all it takes to put a smile back on your face is getting out of the house. Going out to lunch, having a chat and a laugh could be all it takes to make her feel a little happier again.

Once the baby comes, she’ll have no time for fancy lunches. So making the most of her time before her little one arrives is important – invite her to lunch and she’ll be truly grateful.

  1. Go shopping

Often, pregnant moms buy themselves lots of maternity wear at the start of their pregnancy. By the time they get to the third trimester, however, they have outgrown most of it. This can leave them feeling incredibly uncomfortable, and even bigger than they actually are.

Invite your friend on a shopping trip and treat her to a couple of new maternity outfits – she’ll really appreciate the gesture. Or, if she doesn’t feel like leaving the house, buy her a couple of bits online – you can find some fantastic designs. These pregnancy shirts for mom are lovely, they fit well, and best of all, they’re sure to put a smile back on her face. If she’s feeling down, she’ll feel a lot happier once she’s in clothes that actually fit.

  1. Organize a girl’s night in

Get all the girls together and hold a good old girl’s night in; this can be at your pregnant friend’s house or your home. Where you hold your girl’s night will depend on what your friend is more comfortable with. Often at the end of pregnancy, most women like to be at home, as that’s where they feel most comfy.

Mix up some mocktails – if she can’t drink, you shouldn’t either, rent a movie, and have some fun. Spending some time with her friends will take her mind off being pregnant for a while, helping to cheer her up.

Being pregnant might be an incredible experience, but when you’re the size of a house, it’s easy to feel down. To help give your pregnant friend a boost, surprise her with a couple of these ideas.