Taming Your Thoughts: The Secret to Falling Asleep in a Matter of Minutes


A good night’s sleep every night, or even most nights, is a dream for many Americans. There is nothing more frustrating than lying in bed wide awake and unable to fall asleep. The longer a person is in bed awake the more frustrated and unable to sleep they become. Those with insomnia and other sleep problems would give almost anything to be able to sleep well every night without drug aftereffects or dangers.

A Safe Sleep Aid That Works

The search for a safe sleep aid that actually works and sends us off to sleep every night is a dream for millions of sleep-deprived people. How can those seeking a good night’s sleep wade through all the over-the-counter sleep aids with promises to be the one product that actually works?

Some time-worn advice works for some people, sometimes. Others need a safe sleep aid to get that elusive good night’s sleep. Perhaps a combination of natural sleep methods and a cbd sleep aid will be the answer.

The correct cbd sleep aid has these listed benefits:

·         They gently encourage a restful nights sleep

·         They help people relax and unwind so sleep comes more easily

·         The liposomal formula makes this sleep aid absorb into the body more quickly providing a fast-acting, effective sleep aid

The ultimate test of any sleep aid is whether it really works to promote a full night’s sleep and how a person feels the next morning. No one wants to feel drugged or not at 100% alert. Sometimes, all you can do is try a product for a few nights and then decide if it is improving your sleep and awake hours or if it should be consigned to the junk heap of sleep aids that do not really work safely.

Different Sleep Improvement Techniques

There are sleep-promoting ideas from several sources that are worth trying. There is also the common, frustrating knowledge that the harder you try to fall asleep, the more elusive sleep becomes. We all know how nerve-wracking it is to lay in bed willing ourselves to fall asleep for hours on end.

1. The military method of falling asleep:

·         Relax your face first, including the inside of your mouth

·         Drop your shoulders and let the hands drop to the side of your body and release tension

·         Relax your chest by exhaling

·         Now, relax the calves, legs, and thighs

·         Take 10 seconds to clear your mind by envisioning a relaxing scene

·         If that hasn’t worked, take 10 seconds to say “don’t think” over and over

·         Hopefully, in about 10 seconds, you will fall asleep

2. The 4-7-8 Breathing method

·         Let your lips part a little and exhale through your mouth

·         Next, close your lips and breath in through your nose to the count of 4

·         Hold your breath for 7 seconds

·         Then, exhale for a count of 8 seconds

·         Try to practice this mindlessly without alertness

·         Do this exercise for four cycles but, if sleep comes sooner, let it.

3. The relaxation script is another method to try

·         Raise eyebrows high for 5 seconds then relax those muscles for 10 seconds

·         Smile widely, hold 5 seconds, then relax and pause 10 seconds

·         Squint with eyes shut for 5 seconds, relax, and pause 10 seconds

·         Tilt head to look at the ceiling, hold 5 seconds, relax and pause 10 seconds

·         Move down your body tensing, holding, and relaxing all the way to your feet

·         Let yourself fall asleep at any stage of this process

Some general advice that helps includes a consistent bedtime, avoiding screens near bedtime, reading before bed, gentle exercise, a dark bedroom, avoiding caffeine for four hours before bed, and other advice. Everyone should give these techniques a try.