Teach Your Cat That You Are Not A Toy


Are you new to owning a cat? Many new cat owners don’t have the best grip on cat behavior. Every cat is different, but all of them use their claws to some extent. When cats are kittens, they play with each other using their mouths and claws. Cats have fur that protect them from scratches. Human skin doesn’t do as well of a job. It is important to teach your cat the rules of the house. Cats enjoy stalking and playing. Sometimes you can be the target of their rough play. Here are some tips to help you teach your cat to stop using you as a play toy.

Play with your cat

Cats and kittens are full of energy. Cats may like to sleep for many hours of the day, but they also like to romp and play. Keep them entertained by giving them a good play session. Your cat likes to play with other cats and other humans. You are not as equipped to handle rougher play like cats are. Claws and bites can break the skin. All clawing and biting to a human should be discouraged.

If your cat starts using their claws on your hands, be firm. Say “No” to your cat and immediately stop playing. No more play means no more fun. If you continue to play while your cat is scratching you, you may be encouraging them to attack. By saying no and walking away, you signaling to the cat that they did something wrong. Cats do the same sort of action when they hurt each other, and that is how cats learn to be gentle with each other during play.

Buy toys

One of the best ways to prevent your cat from seeing you as a play toy, is to provide your cat with their own toys. Buy toys made specifically for cats at your local pet store. Purchase toys that your cat can play with alone, and then buy some that allow you to interact with your cat. A stick with feathers on it is a great toy to entice your playful feline. Toss around the feather side while you hold onto the stick. This keeps your cat away from your body while bringing about interactive play. Let them run, jump, and chase after the feather teaser. Wearing your cat out and getting rid of their energy will help prevent them from attacking you.

Discipline your cat

Don’t be afraid to be firm with your cat. They need to know the rules of the house. Be sure to say “No” in a firm voice when they do something wrong. If that doesn’t work, there are other ways that can do the trick. You can fill a can with a few coins and shake it loudly when your cat misbehaves. The noise could startle the cat. If this noise consistently occurs whenever they do the bad behavior, they will learn to stop. Some people use spray bottles to squirt a bit of water on the cat when they are doing something they are not supposed to. You can even use air cans. Just know to be consistent and try not to show yourself with these objects so they don’t associate it with you.


About the Author: Andrea is a blogger at Smith Monitoring, a hurst home security company that provides alarm systems Houston. Andrea specializes in writing about cats and helping others find the joy of a feline friend.