The Demographic Of Online Bingo Players

Playing Bingo is like playing the lottery over and over in a short space of time. If your numbers come up, the rewards could be great.

The Bingo demographic has seen an enormous shift in the space of three or four decades. Not that many years ago, any young person seen entering a Bingo hall would have been mercilessly mocked and taunted by their peers until their carefully constructed and all-important veneer of ultra-cool was in tatters. Technology seems to have gone a long way in changing the perception of Bingo. It is no longer being seen by the young as an old person’s pastime conveniently played in church halls so the elderly did not have too far to travel to their final destination. The thrillingly fast-paced Bingo that is played online today has found avid followers among both young and old and across all racial and gender borders. Cyberspace is also fast becoming a favorite venue for those wishing to meet new friends.

The Cyber Social Scene

Those who believe that face-to-face contact is essential for enjoying the entertaining company of others would be surprised at the atmosphere of warm and friendly companionship that exists in a Bingo chat room. Welcoming chat room monitors are there to ensure that visitors enjoy the maximum hospitality without any form of unpleasantness, but visits are usually as good as any social meeting of friends. Older Bingo players are still predominantly female, but an increasingly large number of husbands and single, older men are discovering the fellowship found online. For those who tend to spend much of their time alone, or have medical conditions that prohibit going out for social contact, it has also become a convenient and comfortable means of staying in touch with others. An added benefit of the Bingo chat room is that age is not a factor. For many, it is a unique opportunity to interact with others not of their age group; something which may not occur in their normal day to day lives. Bingo can, thus, foster greater understanding and a feeling of family for those who either do not have family of their own, or do not have easy access to them. A number of romances and firm friendships have been known to develop in this congenial atmosphere. cites a recent study which revealed that, of the 3.5 million UK Bingo players, 700,000 are aged between 18 and 24. Part of the attraction for this demographic must surely be the financial aspect of playing Bingo online. Many games are free and just as many can be played at the cost of just 1p. As with any gaming, players must exercise good sense and most Bingo sites actively encourage players to do so. Youth looking for affordable and exciting entertainment are most likely drawn to the game because they can control their spending, while standing a chance of winning some welcome cash. The young are also far more likely find online chats a familiar means of social contact. It also offers the opportunity for some light and anonymous flirtation for the more shy among them, while knowing that the friendly chat room monitor is there to ensure that innocent fun is the order of the day. Many Bingo sites feature regular celebrity participation in their games and this is an ideal opportunity for some closer interaction with the stars.


Online Bingo is now played across the globe, which means that players can participate in games from all over the world. It is an ideal opportunity for interaction with people from all corners of the planet and all walks of life in an atmosphere of joviality and friendship. Such contact can only further a sense of commonality among all peoples and an insight into the context of their daily lives. It seems then that Bingo makes winners of more than just those who the numbers favor.

This article was written by Isabelle, a freelance writer who loves spending time with family and friends, and enjoys playing bingo online

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