The Myth of Addictive Personality: How Long Does Addiction Last?


There are two schools of thought when it comes to addiction and the type of people who fall victim to its life-altering hold on a person. One thought is that there are individuals who are predisposed to addiction or have an addictive personality. The other side believes anyone can become an addict, depending on their environment. It is nature versus nurture.

No matter which way one might think, there is always room for improvement. That means anyone who is addicted to something, can overcome their issues and lead a better, normal life. There are many places, like rehab in Seattle, with good counselors and addiction specialists that help an individual change their behavior and addictive thinking.

Substituting One Bad Habit for Another

Many people in recovery, no matter what their initial addiction had been, will lean towards another bad habit. For example, those individuals trying to quit drinking may pick up smoking. Another example would be those whose quick smoking begins to eat more and gain weight.

Still, others will turn to compulsive gambling, overspending on shopping, reckless behavior or random encounters with sexual partners. Substituting one addiction for another is not the answer and is usually done by those who do not seek professional help.

One-Size Fits All Recovery is a Myth

There is no substitution for the experience and expertise of a rehabilitation center. You could check out a book on recovery from the library, but you would not get the same motivation you would if you were in a program. However, not every program is cut out for slaying each individuals’ demons.

What works for recovering from drug addiction for one individual may not be the right approach for another person addicted to the same drug. Finding a rehabilitation center that will customize a treatment plan for you is going to be the best way to beat addiction.

Learning the Correct Tools for Recovery

The main idea behind having a wide choice of recovery options is to keep going until you find the one that works for you. Not everyone is going to benefit from meetings or one-on-one therapy.

There are also medications that can be helpful in recovery from various addictions. But one of the main components of recovery is time. People grow and change, and sometimes, they become tired of their addiction. Not many people can quit what has sustained them for the year by sure will power, but it has been done.

The best plan is to have a plan. Find the program and help that fits best with your personality and life. If a program is not working for you, you will not want to continue and may relapse into your old habits, whatever they may be.

You may be working full time or taking care of a small child and can’t get into an inpatient program. If that is the case, you could attend evening programs or an intensive outpatient group. Do not discount the experience and help of those who have been where you are now. They can be a valuable asset in getting your life back on track.