The Waverly Edition ULTIMA™tree: The Fastest Tree You’ll Ever Assemble or Store!


I don’t know about you, but Christmas just so happens to be my favorite holiday. Families gathering, enjoy the holiday season with their loved ones. The familiar and comforting smell of pumpkin spice fills the air, kids running around, laughing and playing. It’s a joyous heartwarming day that seems to make everyday life fall to the wayside.The holiday season always seems to bring families just a little closer.

To me, and my family, decorating for Christmas give us an opportunity to unleash our creative sides. Our entire family has a passion for creativeness. Thus, the Christmas tree being the centerpiece for that expression. Not only that, it allows us the family time we need to create long lasting memories. Stories each of us can pass on from generation to generation. Passing down our passion to our children, to their children, and their children for many generations to come. As time goes on, each generation will spending quality time together each holiday season artfully landscaping their tree with their families. 

With so much to do, yet so little time to do it. Most families have turned to artificial trees. They are much easier to clean up, and you are able to re-use them each year. I have the pleasure of reviewing the ULTIMAtree, and I wish I would have had this amazing, gorgeous  and easy to put together tree decades ago. You don’t have to fight with tangled lights as it’s already pre-light. And, each piece has it’s on strand of lights. So, if the lights burn out in one section, you don’t have to spend days trying to remove the burnt out lights in need of replacement.

Exclusive Features to ULTIMA™tree:
  • Wrap & Strap™ storage system that makes set up, and clean up a breeze!
  • FeatherWeight™ Assembly!
  • Ornament Enhancing Lighting!
  • Patent Pending CleanConnect™ Technology

I think the design team at has perfected their design. The ULTIMA™tree comes with 10 sections, not including the base. Each section is wrapped in a sleeve for easy storage. This happens to be part of the Wrap & Strap™ storage system for the ULTIMA™tree. To assemble the tree, set your base, plug in your ULTIMA™tree, then remove each section from the wrapped sleeve. Section by section easily assemble your tree by stacking each section on top of the other. Spinning into place each of the separate sections. Standing at  7.5FT the ULTIMA™tree contains 3,275 easy shape tips which contain two distinctly different pine patters for the branches. One being more lush, and life like creating a fuller effect on the tree. Yet both add to the realistic feel you take away from the tree itself.

The ULTIMA™tree is equipped with 680 energy saving multi-function light bulbs, and 9 different lighting display patterns. I can’t see anyone not being able to find a display you enjoy. After setting up the tree we found most of our time was spent not decorating, More trying to actually decide which of the 9 displays looked the best on our family tree.You can cycle through each of the 9 pre-lit lighting displays at the click of the pedal. Keeping unwanted stress of your back by bending over trying to find the switch.

The ULTIMA™tree surely stands out more compared to other artificial trees. Simple to handle, operate, and storage is a lot to ask from a tree you will use every year. You won’t believe how quickly it makes your time spent decorating vanish before your eyes. At the end of the day my favorite part about the ULTIMA™tree is the clean up, and storage. Our last tree’s packaging was very clunky, and bulky. Always making it difficult to fit up into most of our storage spaces.. The clean up process with the ULTIMA™tree is just as easy as the building process. Easily twist each section of the ULTIMA™tree to break them back down into separate pieces. Individually storing each section of the tree with the ULTIMA™tree’s Wrap and Strap™ storage system.

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I want to thank my readers, and ULTIMA™tree for making this possible. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday, and a Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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We received an ULTIMA™tree specifically for this review. I assure you all words and opinions expressed in this review are of my own.