Thrill Mom With a Gift from Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Isabelle Grace Jewelry is a great place to shop for MOM!


As a mom, I can honestly tell you…I NEVER tire of receiving jewelry. It can be simple and elegant, fun and funky…or anything in between.  I LIKE BLING.  Getting a piece from Isabelle Grace Jewelry, would thrill be to no end this Mother’s Day. I have really taken a shine to the Sugar Pearls selections.

Isablle Grace Jewelry Sugar Pearls

Sugar Pearls come in Cotton Candy (pink), Blue Taffy, Lemon Chiffon and Mint Julep.

These are elegant enough to wear with formal attire, yet they look great with jeans and a t-shirt. The colors are silky soft and the Swarovski rhinestone accent bead adds just the right amount of bling.

Isabelle Grace Jewelry is…

Sure, we love a good trend. But at its core, Isabelle Grace Jewelry is all about accessories that are effortless, elegant and timeless. And because we believe in quality as much as looking good, each earring, necklace and bracelet is made by hand, right here in the USA. There’s no assembly line, no mass production. Instead, our designs are made of the best materials and expertly crafted by people who love making beautiful things. And that will never go out of style.

Sugar Pearls

Sugar Pearl from Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Shop by Collection or Inspiration, and there are so many personalized options available:

Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Vintage ID Bracelet

  • Necklaces
  • Charms
  • Modern Initials
  • Stones
  • Chains
  • Key Chains
  • Bracelets
  • For Men
  • For Kids
Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Danica Necklace

Another set that I’m really drawn too is the BonBon Collection.My favorite bracelets are the “Classy” ones.

Isabelle Grace Jewelry

BonBon Collection

Check out Isabelle Grace Jewelry, for fun, elegant and stylish pieces for you and mom! No matter if you are Gypsy Glam, a Modern Rebel or a Wild Spirit, you’ll find a selection that totally fits your personality.

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