Time to Move On: Getting Over a Relationship Breakup


Breaking up does not need to be associated with good or bad thoughts. It happens, and most find happiness whether that means being alone or finding another. When it’s time to move on, it’s important to stay positive and not worsen your circumstances.

Don’t Speak Poorly

At an emotionally high point, you may say and do things you wouldn’t do under a stable condition. For example, you may be tempted to say negative things or spread rumors about an ex who has broken your heart and treated you poorly. As suggested in the intro, you don’t need to emotionally charge the event. It happened. It’s history. Move on and be well while wishing the same for others.

Find a Hobby

Idle time is the enemy after a breakup. Having nothing to do makes the mind wander and dwell on the past. When you’re busy, however, your mind is focused on tasks at hand and is less likely to wander. Revisit an old hobby or take interest in something new.

Get More Exercise

Spend more time exercising in the morning hours. It helps the body relax throughout the day and eases anxiety. Since you may want to fill more of your time, look for exercises that take longer versus those intense and short lived. Take a bicycle ride to the city or woods and hike for a bit.

Be Selfish

The time after a breakup is a great period to revisit the self. Take care emotionally as you learn to be independent and live without an immediate partner. It’s refreshing for some yet a bit challenging for others. Stay aware of feelings and fill time with events, people, and things that make you happy. Sometimes, being ‘selfish’ is a good thing.

Try Online Dating

Some go on blind dates arranged by friends and family or go to bars to meet singles. Online dating is a nice way to wade back into the dating waters. You can read profiles and suggest being friends first. Of course, approach online personalities with caution. Use a reverse phone lookup service to identify those behind perverted, strange, and out-of-line texts or calls.

Don’t Compare

Don’t compare other girls or guys to your former mate and don’t wait for that ‘feeling.’ Each relationship is unique and there are tons of reasons to appreciate others. You may find a person you date for a month is better off being a friend, for example. Similarly, your last mate may have made a lot of money or had none at all; the luxuries or perils of a former relationship should not be an issue in a new one.

Stay Positive

Hope for the best and be prepared for the curveballs that life is likely to throw at you. Meditate, watch comedies, or spend more time with a friend who always makes you laugh. Being positive is part of a healthier lifestyle and most need an injection of positivity following a breakup. Wear a bracelet, get a tattoo, or memorize a positive mantra or poem to remind you to stay positive.