Stress & Your Physical Health: What’s The Impact?


When we talk about stress, we mostly tend to discuss the impact it has on our mental health. We know that the impact of stress on our minds can be significant, but what about the impact on our bodies – what does stress do to our physical health?

Stress is a natural reaction to circumstances that life throws at us. Our bodies are made to handle stress, but not high levels of stress day in, day out. Problems with stress arise when your mind and body are put under high levels of stress on a constant basis.

Usually, the impact is seen mentally with conditions like anxiety and depression rearing their heads, but what about the physical impact? The fact is that stress can have a physical, as well as mental, impact on us, and it’s important to understand how.

With that in mind, below is a guide to the physical impacts that stress can have on your health, as well as some tips for managing them.I use them myself due to the stress of running a business.

Headaches are a sign of stress

Stress & Your Physical Health: What’s The Impact?

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A common health complaint, headaches can often be caused by high levels of stress, along with other underlying issues, of course. So if you suffer from stress and get a lot of headaches, the stress that you are under could be the cause. Instead of treating your headaches with painkillers, it’s best to take an alternative approach. Implement heat and ice therapy on your neck, use deep heat products on your temples, and have head massages to help relieve tension.

Lack of energy can be caused by worry

Stress & Your Physical Health: What’s The Impact?

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Do you suffer from a lack of energy? Did you know that stress can be the cause? The fact is that feelings of stress can leave you feeling exhausted, because of the impact of the emotional response that stress causes within the body. A lot of people who are under high levels of stress find themselves feeling extremely tired and wonder why. The fact is that stress can drain your energy reserves, which is why when you are stressed, it’s vital that you ensure you are getting plenty of sleep. If you struggle to sleep, something which can sometimes be caused by stress, using natural treatments like Redicalm to help soothe and relax your mind, can help. As can the use of sleeping pills – ideally, herbal ones are the best option.

Sweating and shaking are linked to stress

Stress & Your Physical Health: What’s The Impact?

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A lot of people find that when they become stressed, as well as having an elevated heart rate and faster breathing, they begin to sweat and shake. When sweating and shaking starts, it can often be hard to stop either symptom, but it’s not impossible. A lot of people find that doing an activity that takes their mind off of the thing that they are stressing about, is the answer. Whether that’s going for a run, taking a stroll around your local shops, or doing an activity like adult coloring, yoga, or baking, it doesn’t matter. It’s about finding what works for you.

There you have it, a guide to the physical impacts of stress on your health, and some handy hacks for helping to limit them.