Under the Lens of Truth: 5 Popular RV Myths Busted


Are you contemplating the RV lifestyle? Do common myths or misconceptions about RVs and motorhomes restrain you from taking the RV way of life? Dismiss those misinterpretations and read about these 5 popular RV myths.

  • RVs Are Expensive

Keep in mind, here, that RVs come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning different price ranges. You do not necessarily have to buy or lease a brand new RV outright from a dealership, but rather, you can purchase a secondhand one from a local seller. If you can be truthful about what you can afford, financing options are usually available from many sellers. In fact, you do not have to own an RV – if you’re not sure that the RV lifestyle is for you, consider renting one first. View some pricing options by visiting RVwholesalers.com.

  • RVs and Motorhomes Are Only For Retired People

This myth just simply is not true! Think about it, wouldn’t you have loved to own an RV in your early twenties to take friends on road trips and see the country? That’s what I thought! Retirees do enjoy traveling via RV, but this does not mean that it can’t be for everybody. More and younger people are opting for the RV lifestyle. Because of today’s technology advancement, they are able to live and also work from the comfort of their motorhomes. Wi-Fi and cable are just two of the many modern technological advancements available to add to your RV.

  • Taking an RV Road Trip Means Constant Driving

I know what you’re thinking – and yes, it is technically a vehicle and it does require a lot of driving (but not all of the time!) Traveling at a slow pace in an RV or motorhome is key when trying to make the most of your time. Consider stopping at scenic or interesting destinations to eat, rest, and spend time with your passengers.

  • Motorhomes Get Terrible Gas Mileage

While this is semi-true, keep in mind that different areas have different gas prices. Gas mileage in the modern RV is exceptional today compared to many years ago. Obviously, motorhomes are not as fuel efficient as the standard car, but your motorhome is your bedroom, kitchen, living space, and vehicle all in one. Check out Class C RVs and B Vans for better gas mileage compared to a bigger RV.


  • You Need a Special RV License to Operate a Large RV

This myth is very false. In the United States of America, there is no such license needed to operate an RV or motorhome, no matter the size of the vehicle. You will, however, need a basic driver’s license so be sure to keep that on hand while operating. Laws and regulations about this may vary elsewhere, so do your research before driving your RV into another country.


Now you are aware of the myths that lie behind owning an RV. Consider these RV facts and take the path to begin your motorhome way of life!