What To Do To Prepare Your Family For Moving Day


Moving day can have all kinds of emotions attached to it. You might be excited to move into your new home, but sad to say goodbye to your old one. It isn’t just you you have to worry about either. You need to make sure your family is prepared for the move! Here are some tips to help you:

Preparing Pets

Preparing your pets to move home is just as important as preparing the rest of the family. Any pet you have can actually suffer from shock if they aren’t prepared and taken care of properly. No matter what you do, it’s going to take them time to get used to your new home, so be patient. You can make it easier for them by filling a room with familiar things of theirs, and even by giving them something of yours so they have a reassuring scent to cuddle up to.

Tell Your Kids Well In Advance

When it comes to preparing your kids, you need to make sure you’ve told them well in advance. You want to tell them soon enough so they can prepare, but not so early on that they think about it too much and start to worry. When you tell your kids, make sure you keep it positive and exciting for them. If you know where you’re moving to, you can even have pictures ready to show them so they don’t feel afraid of the unknown.

Look At New Schools Together

As your child will likely be moving to a new school you can look at their new school together online so they know where they will be going. This can be a big worry for kids, so make sure you reassure them about making new friends too.


Talk Through Worries With Them

Let your kids know they can talk to you if they need to. They should feel free to discuss their worries with you without being judged or anything like that. Never tell them that they’re being silly, or they might think twice about speaking to you next time.

Find Outside Help

You’ll probably need a little assistance when it comes to moving, so find some outside help that you can trust. It’s usually best to look for companies that are used to helping people move far away. If you’re moving across the country, you’ll need somewhere you can trust to help you. Do lots of research and you’ll find somewhere no problem.

Create Emergency Boxes For All Family Members

Create an emergency box for all family members. This means they’ll have all of their most precious belongings nearby should they need them on your travels. Include their toiletries and any comfort items they might have. This is a great moving tip that everybody should use!

Keep Things Positive

Your kids will take cues from you during the move. Bare in mind that their emotions are intensified, so you need to be patient with them. Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare them, they still stress. Don’t throw them a pity party. You can cuddle them and reassure them, but ultimately they will get used to the new house.

Thanks for reading!