How To Take Back Control Of Your Health Fast


We all want to be as healthy as possible, and make our lives last as long as possible. The fact of the matter is, however, that few of us take the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Often, this is a result of quite simply not knowing what it is that one needs to do. There is so much conflicting information out there that it can be hard to know who you can believe. In an age of information overload, keeping with the basics of looking after your health can seem like a monumental task. However, there is good news: looking after your health does not need to be such a minefield. While getting back on track will take time and effort – and no small amount of dedication – it is far from impossible. If you have decided that 2016 is your year to become a better you, then read through this post first. Let’s look at the simple, yet powerful, things you can do to take back control of your health – today.

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Exercise (Properly)

As with much else which we will discuss here, the prevailing advice on exercise is so varied and confused as to be almost intelligible. With all this conflicting information, how are we meant to know what the truth is? In all honesty, part of the problem is that a lot of it depends on the individual. Regarding how much exercise a person needs to lose a certain amount of weight, it is an individual matter. When it comes to what intensity exercise, it is an individual matter. No matter what aspect you are talking about, the fact is – the outcomes depend on the individual. That’s why there are no hard-and-fast rules. It is also why this is, ultimately, all for you to discover for yourself.

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The only way to find out with any certainty what works best for you is just to go for it. Take the prevailing advice and (literally) run with it. Before long, you will work out your own personal exercise plan pretty thoroughly. While nothing applies to everyone, there are some useful guidelines you can follow at the beginning. For example, most people of average health should start off with three or four exercise sessions a week. In an ideal world, these sessions will each be around thirty to forty minutes long. This can vary slightly, depending on your individual needs. But one thing you should try and aim for is a mid-range intensity. How do you know when you have got to the right point of intensity? Simple: you want your heart to be beating faster, but not so fast that it is uncomfortable.

Keep up this kind of exercise for a while, and you will soon notice an improvement in your ability to carry it out. You will also see that it takes you less and less time to get your heartbeat back to its normal resting state. When this starts to happen, it is a very good sign – a sign that you are exercising properly, within your own means. At this point, you know you are doing yourself some good.

The Right Diet

The food we eat is, quite possibly, an even more contentious issue than that of exercise. Judging by the variety in received wisdom, you would be mistaken for thinking that nobody knows anything for sure when it comes to food. However, this is not so. Unlike with exercise, there are fairly certain things we can say about what most people should and should not eat. Regardless of who you are, and what your own situation is like, most of this will apply to you pretty directly.

For you to have a good, balanced diet, the main thing you need to bear in mind is variety. This is the real meaning of ‘balanced’. It doesn’t matter so much what food source you use. The main thing is that you get all the right minerals and nutrients. But that doesn’t just mean you can take in whatever you like. A supplement is no viable alternative to the real thing, for example. So what should you be eating? Again, some of this might not be workable for you, but in general, the following will apply.

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Many diverse fruits and vegetables, a little meat and fish if you like, and something with some unsaturated fat. Occasionally, something a little naughtier if you feel like it. Provided that you follow this, you can’t go far wrong. The problems arise when you start to become too strict one way or the other. Moderation – in every sense of the word – is the key to success here.

Remember The Teeth

Most people have considerable problem with their teeth at some point in their lives. This is hardly surprising; after all, naturally, our teeth rot before the age of about thirty. It is only thanks to the wonders of dentistry that we are able to make our teeth last for much longer. No discussion of health would be complete without mentioning the importance of looking after your teeth.

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This, as with the above, is quite a simple matter. We all know that twice-a-day brushing is essential – yet, the statistics show, many people do not follow this. If you have let your teeth-brushing fall by the wayside, then make this the year you get back on it. It is also advisable to invest in a decent dental plan such as ascent family dental or similar. You never know when you might need it.

Sleep Is A Priority

Last but definitely not least: remember how important sleep is for your overall health. It is a sad indictment of our times that we have come to regard sleep as something of a luxury. Sleep, in fact, is an essential part of looking after yourself. In sleep, your body does the majority of its repairing. Not to mention the benefits that your mind receives from a decent night’s sleep.

You should aim for at least six hours of sleep, but ideally more. Get as much as you reasonably can, and you should notice the benefits immediately. Make sleep a priority in your life, rather than a guilty pleasure. This is vital if you want to live a long and healthy life.

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