What’s Going Bump In The Night? Surprising Things Which Are Causing You Sleepless Nights


Sleep is so essential to our health. In fact, without it, we can be at higher risk of picking up bugs and infection. And not only this but without a good night’s rest, our body doesn’t get enough time to refresh. So you are more likely to wake up with muscle ache the next day. Therefore, you need to attempt to try and get a good night’s rest. But for some people, it can prove impossible. And one of the biggest reasons they get interrupted sleep is because of noise in their room. After all, it makes it harder to get to sleep if there is noise disturbing your rest. But a lot of people don’t even know why there is noise in the room which makes it hard to solve the problem. Therefore, here are some surprising things which are causing you sleepless nights as they are going bump in the night!

Your mobile phone

There are many reasons why you should ban your mobile phone from the room. For one thing, the light that shines on it when you receive a message can often cause your brain to awaken. And with the device there in the room, it can be tempting to stay up later to surf the net. But also, the noise from the phone could be causing you sleepless nights. After all, it tends to make a beeping noise every time you get a text, email, or a social media notification. And if you are a light sleeper, it could cause you to wake up every time. Therefore, you need to ensure you put the phone on silent so that it won’t disturb your sleep. And you might even want to put it in your draw so that you can’t see the light either!


Pests in the home

If you are hearing noises in the night, it could be a sign that you have some intruders in the home. And we are talking about the pest kind! For example, if you hear a scurrying noise or a tiny squeak, it could mean you have mice in your home. Or if you can hear a light buzzing sound, it could mean you have some mosquitos in the home. Not only will pests cause you to have sleepless nights, but they can also be damaging to your health. Certain pests like bedbugs and mosquitos can bite you which will cause you to wake up scratching. While other bugs like termites can cause people with allergies to have a reaction. Thankfully, there are several ways to get rid of the pests so you can have a good night’s sleep again. For one thing, you could call a pest control company to come and get rid of the bugs. You can look online and find sites like http://pest.24hourly.com who will come out in the middle of the night to solve your pest problem. And there are many products you can get which can ensure the pests leave your home.

Your windows

Your windows could also be the reason for your sleepless night. If they aren’t properly shut, you could be hearing noises from the outside. And if it’s a particularly windy night, you might be able to hear the wind through your windows. It will cause you to wake up and feel chilly in the middle of the night. Therefore, to ensure it doesn’t affect your sleep anymore, you need to make sure your windows are properly shutting. If you can still see sunlight, it could mean that the sealing needs replacing. You can find some caulking in stores which will seal the windows and stop you hearing the noises in the night!

You have an ear infection

Ringing in your ears can definitely stop you from having a good night’s rest. But although you might be searching around the house, it could be down to your ears. In fact, you might have some form of infection such as tinnitus which is causing the ringing sound in your ears which is stopping you get a good night’s rest. The best way to test whether it’s you is to have someone else stay in your home. When you hear the ringing, see if it’s something they can hear too. If they can’t hear the noise, it’s time to take a trip to the doctor!

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Your neighbor

It can be frustrating if you are always hearing your neighbor at night. Whether it’s their constant chat or their loud music, it could be causing you to have sleepless nights. There are a few things you can do about it. If you get on with your neighbor, it could be something you mention in conversation. They might not even realize they are being a disturbance and will change their ways. Or you could consider making the bedroom sound proof to block the noise. You could easily fit some soundproof walls which will stop you hearing your neighbor. You can read more about soundproofing on http://www.noisehelp.com/soundproofing-walls.html. And if you don’t want to go down this route, you could always get some earplugs which you can use when it’s time for bed! That way, your sleep won’t be disturbed.

Your air con system

Unfortunately, the reason for your lack of sleep could be down to your air conditioning. If you have it on during the night, it could be causing you to stir. As http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/09/do-noises-wake-you-up-at-night/?_r=0 reveals, it gives off 30 decibels of sound. And while it might not affect heavy sleepers, it can be a nightmare for light sleepers. You could check the appliance to see if they have a quiet setting. Or you could switch it off at night time. Find other ways to keep the room at a cool temperature such as using a lighter duvet or opening the window slightly. That way, you can keep cool while getting enough sleep at night.

As much as it can be cheaper to run appliances like your washing machine at night, it can cause a disturbance to your sleep. Therefore, to ensure it doesn’t wake you up in the night, close the kitchen door, so you hear little noise in your bedroom. And you could always put it on in the morning instead when you are getting ready to go to work!

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