Whiskers, Fur and Long Tails: Mastering Your Fear of Mice


There are plenty of people around who suffer from musophobia, which is the official term used to describe someone who has an intense fear of mice or rats.

You can learn more here about using pest control services to keep rodents away from your property, and you should also know that there are definitely some ways to help you master and overcome your fear of mice.

A common problem

Rodents are not exactly loved by many of us, and in fact, musophobia is probably one of the most common phobias around, affecting many hundreds of thousands of people.

Some people, who are definitely not suffering from musophobia, even keep rats or mice as pets, but for those of us who have a phobia of these furry rodents, find them very repulsive and are particularly concerned about the levels of disease that they may be carrying.

Both mice and rats are confirmed carriers of pathogens, and their reputation for spreading disease achieved legendary status, with their infamous contribution to the decline in the human population, as a result of the spread of Black Plague.

In-built fear

Rats are often carrying fleas and parasites around with them, which have the capacity to harm humans and our pets living with us, which is reason enough to do what you can to keep them away.

Many of us are brought up with a negative connotation of rats and other rodents, an idea that is fueled in no small part by the way popular culture depicts these creatures. It is therefore not a surprise that as we are seemingly conditioned from childhood to fear these furry creatures, that some of us then develop a phobia of rats and mice.

Help is at hand

If you have an intense fear and loathing of rats or mice, it could well be that you are one of the many people who suffer from musophobia.

The good news is that there is help available that should allow you to conquer your phobia and learn how to accept rats and mice, without ever having to go as far as actually liking them.

Most phobias are handled in much the same way. Cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and other relevant methods, are often deployed successfully, in order to gradually desensitize you and allow you to conquer your fears.

It should be remembered that a repeat of The Plague is highly unlikely, thanks to modern medicine, and as rats are generally afraid of humans, they will go out their way to avoid any contact with you.

If you are having difficulty controlling your level of fear and anxiety surrounding rats and mice, there are certainly ways to control your anxiety in the short term, followed by a program of therapy that can help you to overcome your phobia on a permanent basis.

If you think you have musophobia, you don’t have to suffer. Get a pest control company to keep your home free of rodents and find out from a healthcare professional about the solutions available to overcome your fears.

Robert Kunst has vast experience working in the pest control industry having been four times past president of the Greater New Orleans Pest Control Association, Past President of the Louisiana Pest Control Association, and Past President of the National Pest Management Association. Currently he is president of Fischer Environmental Services, a full service pest control firm serving The Southeastern USA.