Why Choose Cremation Instead of Other Postmortem Options


According to a survey published by CNN in 2017, more Americans than ever have begun choosing cremation as a postmortem option over traditional burial. In fact, more than 53 percent of people surveyed claimed that they would choose cremation upon death over any other funeral option available. As our views on death begin to change, people simply aren’t as invested in traditional burial options as they used to be. In the last few years, the numbers of people who prefer a coffin burial has declined.

This is because of the innumerable benefits associated with cremation over other, more expensive options. To learn more about this postmortem option, read on.

It’s more affordable than other options

The No. 1 reason that the popularity of cremation has grown is because of its affordability. Instead of paying for an expensive coffin and a plot of land, cremation involves only a few simple steps. This greatly lowers the final price, making it an available option for many.

The national average for traditional burials in the United States will cost as much as $6,560. This includes the cost of the metal casket, but you must account for other costs. You’ll also have to account for the costs of the burial plot, the wake, the headstone, and other extraneous charges associated with traditional burials.

By comparison, cremation is far more affordable. The average cremation will cost about $1,650, making it a popular option among low-income populations. But it’s a great option for many looking to streamline the funeral process and begin grieving on their own terms. This price typically includes the cost of cremation, the urn, and sometimes a memorial service for the deceased. Without memorial services and other costs, a cremation for yourself or your loved one can cost $1,000 on average. This gives you time to settle the finances and other costs associated with your loved one, which can often be a lengthy process. Search online for an “ecommerce tax accountant near me” to get more financial advice after the death of a loved one.

It’s an eco-friendly option

Cremation is also a great choice if you care about the environment. Cemeteries take up huge swaths of land that can be better used for the community, including properties, community centers, or farmland.

By comparison, a cremation doesn’t take up any land. Because your loved one’s ashes will be kept in a portable urn, you can memorialize your loved one in the comfort of your own home or spread the ashes at some favorite location across the globe. Spreading ashes is not harmful to the environment because these organic properties will eventually go back into the soil, nurturing plant growth and helping the ecosystem.

On top of that, cremation also eliminates the need for harmful embalming fluids. These chemical fluids are designed to preserve the body of your loved one for memorial purposes, including wakes, funerals, and more. As the body of your loved one fades away, these harmful chemicals can make their way into the soils. This can harm local ecosystems and your local waterways. Cremation, on the other hand, uses zero chemicals. This makes it a green service for your family.

As the popularity of cremation services continues to grow, it’s no wonder nearly 30 percent of funeral homes already own crematories. CNN also notes that 10 percent of other funeral homes plan to open their own crematories in the next few years. This is vital if traditional funeral homes hope to remain in this fluctuating market. For more information on cremation and its benefits, talk to your local funeral home today.