Winning Moves Makes Family Game Night Fun

My wife Michelle and I are avid board game players, so is her entire family as well.  There is just something about board games like the ones from Winning Moves that help bring us all together, and have fun while we are all bonding at the same time.

Tile Lock Super Scrabble

I simply love words.  I love trying to always make sure I know how to spell them and know what they mean.  Ever since I was a kid, I remember looking over dictionaries and entering spelling bee competitions.  So as I grew up, playing Scrabble was always a game I cherished because I considered myself good at it.  So how do you enhance the game of Scrabble?  Make the board bigger of course!

With 441 spaces, and 200 tiles, take your Scrabble game to the next level.  I love that it also has the tile lock feature that keeps everyone’s words in place.  This allows you to shift and turn the board to a better position to allow you to see how placement would be for the word you are trying to make.

Buy your copy of Tile Lock Super Scrabble over at Winning-Moves Games here.

Tile Lock Scrabble

Monopoly®: The Mega Edition

If you have never played Monopoly while growing up, what planet are you from again?  Hasn’t it always been our goal to try to own it all?  in Monopoly, that is completely the goal, to own it all, and make people pay for it.  Whether it be the back door deals with a friend, or family member to get that property you needed, or landing on the space that you were missing, or if you played with auction rules, having enough money to outbid everyone else.  Winning the game meant getting lucky with the right properties, and improving them to take down your fellow players.

In this edition, it gets enhanced by adding 9 more properties, the ability to build skyscrapers, adding a new speed die invented by Winning-Moves to make game play faster, and $1000 dollar bills instead of the common $500, do you have what it takes to be the next real estate tycoon?

Grab your Mega Edition of Monopoly here, from Winning-Moves Games.


Connect 4® Twist & Turn™

Winning-Moves Games takes a childhood classic game and literally puts a new twist on it.  Each layer of the tower twists, so the idea of the game is to Drop, Twist, and Win.  Can you out maneuver your opponent? Can you out-think them and come up with a strategy to win? Adding this new and innovative playing mechanic to a already classic game allows the game to have a new excitement and will allow you to take this portable game anywhere with you.


Grab the Connect 4® Twist & Turn™ here from Winning-Moves Games.

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


80 thoughts on “Winning Moves Makes Family Game Night Fun

  1. These sound so fun! When my whole family gets together for holidays, we always play games. Usually it’s cards, but lately we’ve been doing a lot of board games. One major one has been Monopoly. I think this Mega Monopoly would be a HUGE hit. I think I need to purchase it. It’d be so much fun. I mean, there is some major battling going on for properties…even though my brother-in-law always wins. EVERY TIME!

  2. I would love to play the connect four twist and turn, it looks like a lot of fun. We use to play connect four all the time growing up!

  3. I love playing board games my kiddos aren’t at the age of playing yet but I am ready to get them into the games its so hard to wait.!

  4. I love reviews like this.Well written and to the point.I would like to add all of these games to our growing inventory.My four children are game fanatics.

  5. Great review! We love family game night! I cannot wait until summer when everyone is home from college!

  6. Tile Lock Super Scrabble looks like a challenge! My family would love to play these games on our next family game night!

  7. We’ve been having a lot of family game nights. I would love to add all of these to our collection. Great review.

  8. I teach first grade and it would be amazing to have these great, fun games in the classroom! By playing games, students practice building logic. They practice working together and sharing. And most importantly, they get to have fun!

  9. We love game nights at the house! My daughter is about a year or two away from being introduced to Monopoly which is one of my favorite games!

  10. These games look like they would be fun to play with my family. I love that these classic games have been given an update,

  11. Thanks for the review. Although a lot of these games are classics, they do have some twists, and I enjoyed reading about them, thanks!

  12. It would be nice to play an old-fashioned board game with my nephews & niece! One of my favorites was RISK! Scrabble is a family favorite, too.

  13. Not only would these game be great for family night, they would awesome to have in my classroom for my 4th graders to use during their Fabulous Friday Fun time.

  14. I loved family game night growing up. I wonder how many families still hold game night family gatherings.

  15. Great review! My kids still come over for game night! Sure wish Monopoly had the $1000 bill when I was growing up!

  16. These would be great to add to the very few games we do have. I like the new additions to old favorites.

  17. I was interested in the Super Die in the monopoly game that will help the game progress faster. You never want to start a game of Monopoly if you don’t have the whole afternoon free.

  18. I’d love to play that Tile Lock Super Scrabble – that’s our favorite board game, and I can only imagine how much fun the super-sized version would be!

  19. These games are awesome! Nothing like the classics with a twist. My kids and I would love to add them to our game nights. Great review!

  20. The upgrades for Monopoly sound great. Monopoly has always been one of my favorite board games and the changes are sure to increase the competitive challenge.

  21. I played Monopoly with my sister, daughter and now I’m ready to start playing it with my grandchildren. I have a lot of great memories playing Monopoly. I have never played Scrabble or Connect 4. They sound really fun and they would be great games to play with my grandchildren.

  22. I really enjoyed the review of these three games. I’ve always liked board games and the changes made in some of my old favorites make them more challenging

  23. I missed these games. The good old days when friends and family play together. Nowadays, people play with their smartphones or tablets.

  24. Some of our kids are grown, but every Sunday night, we have dinner with our three kids at home and 3 of our grown children as well as their kids…. We’re hoping to incorporate board games into our Sunday evening dinners… This is what we did when I was growing up and I think it’s a great, inexpensive way to spend valuable time together as a family!!

  25. When I was a kid playing Monopoly the games that lasted hours and hours could have really benefited from the adding of a new speed die to make game play faster invented by Winning-Moves for Monopoly – Mega Edition

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  27. Ah, great times! I like the style of the Scrabble board. My brain can’t handle when the letters move all over the place.

    The Connect Four game looks fun!

    I hope you and your family continue to have fun with these!

  28. Great review! Growing up in a family of 9 children and having cold winters here in Ohio, board games were a must have! Have always loved Monopoly and Scrabble, especially Scrabble. My 8 year old grandson loves them the same. We have played often and as my health improves, it will be much more. I’d love to win these so he wouldn’t have to drag them back and forth. Also, I’ve never had the Super Scrabble and this kid likes a challenge! Love that! That you for your giveaway.

  29. Just when I thought these games couldn’t get any better, I find through reviews like yours, that they do!!
    The games have come a L-O-N-G way since I was young. I LOV them all!!

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  31. These would be perfect for our family game night. Great review! I am for sure going to have to get Connect 4 twist and turn. I love Connect 4 as a child

  32. This is a great review! It reminds me of how much I’ve always enjoyed playing board games…especially Scrabble! I love the Enhanced version! We don’t play games as often now, but I’m going to make a point of getting back to the good old days 🙂 Thanks for your excellent review!

  33. Excellent review. I loved Scrabble groweing up . We plyed board games when I was a kid and so when I had my own fmily we had family game night. It ear such a gret ay to interact with family. But I’ve never played the Mega Edition of scrabble.
    Carol L

  34. These fun games are a must have for any Game Night. Great write ups about the games too. Thanks Tom for reintroducing some old Favorities!

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