A Guide To Glamming Up Your Garden


Is your garden looking a little neglected? Whether you want to make your garden more pretty for your own satisfaction, up your home’s value for buyers or simply make your neighbors green with jealousy, the following garden makeover tips are sure to transform your backyard for the better.

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Spruce up your shrubs

Let’s not get carried away recommending types of plants. The point is that you have some greenery, otherwise your garden is just a patch of dirt. You can stick to a freshly mown lawn if you desire, or you can get adventurous with some colorful flowers.

Let in more light

Brightening up your garden isn’t always easy. You may be able to cut back obstructions such as trees, but the shade from other houses might be a little more difficult to deal with. You can consider using artificial lights to give it more brightness – these won’t help plants grow but could make your garden less dull. Solar lights cut out the need for messy cables. There are also other ways of reflecting light such as painting fences and sheds white, adding mirrors and adding water features.

Splash out on a pond

On the topic of water features, a pond is the perfect way to glam up your garden. Not only will it reflect light and give your garden more of a feeling of calm, it will also encourage wildlife to your garden. This includes frogs, newts and dragonflies. You can keep your own fish too and grow pond plants. A pond makes a great focal point if nothing else – even a plain garden can become exciting simply by introducing a pond. Ornaments and water features can help to add more excitement.

Fix up your fencing

Few of us think much about our fencing until it gets damaged. However, the quality of your fencing can have a dramatic effect on the visual impact of your garden. This post One Website; All Fencing Needs offers some brilliant tips for getting the best fence for your needs on your budget. You should also consider other wooden structures such as sheds and decking and how these match your fencing.

Mark out a social area

For those summer days evenings when you may want to dine alfresco or host a garden party, having a social area can be useful. Don’t just resort to a couple deck chairs. Create a clear social area by marking it out with either patio paving or decking.

You can design your social area to your liking. Some people may opt for features such as a fire pit for keeping warm at night when the temperature drops. You may want to designate a special barbecue zone. Lighting may also be important – as mentioned earlier this can be solar powered.

Make sure to always seek planning permission before adding in a patio area or decking. Nine times out of ten there won’t be a need for permission, but it’s always best to check in case any obscure local land laws apply. Always notify your home insurance provider too.