Going Rural: Is It a Good Choice for the Children?


Something that’s becoming increasingly popular among parents of all ages is the idea of going rural. Moving away from the busy city streets, taking refuge from the overwhelming noise and air pollution, and being able to breathe in the fresh countryside air are just some of the most exciting advantages to going rural. However, there are also some very obvious drawbacks that may or may not be a deal breaker for you. In this article, we’ll be exploring a couple of reasons why going rural could perhaps be the best decision you’ll ever make for your children and one of the most positive ways to change your life.


A healthier lifestyle

It’s no secret that people who are brought up and live in rural communities are much healthier than their city counterparts. You have to be more self-reliant, you don’t have public transport to take you everywhere, there isn’t a fast food chain on every corner and the air is much more pleasing to take in. If you raise your children in these country environments, then not only are they going to be brought up with a healthier lifestyle, but it will also have fantastic positive effects on your own health.

Larger homes

When you look at country homes for sale, you’ll notice that for the same price of a large house in the city, you could get something 50% to 100% larger and more spacious for the same price. This makes living in the country perfect for large families or if you’re planning to have more children in the future. Depending on how many children you have, it might also be a home that’s large enough for their future as well.


Unleash creativity

Most children that live in urban or city environments spend a lot of time on their computers. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it does reduce their creativity because they’re spending less time exploring nature and gaining inspiration and more time being locked up in their rooms on social media or browsing the internet. Nothing spurs creativity like a walk through nature and growing up surrounded by beauty will do a lot of good for any child.

Teaching self-discipline

As mentioned before, countryside living is much more self-reliant and that extends to your children as well. They’ll be more likely to help with the chores, they’ll assist in making dinner and when they’re older, they’ll help cut firewood for cold months and assist with DIY repairs around the house. Being in the countryside means less access to amenities that most of us take for granted in the city, meaning that they’ll learn more skills, becomes more self-sufficient and learn discipline.



To conclude, living in the countryside might seem like a big gamble to most parents. The lack of schooling and distance to the amenities you’re used to might turn you off, but you also need to consider the incredible advantages it offers. Next time you’re on the hunt for a house, don’t rule out the possibility of a countryside home and refer back to this list to help convince you that it’s the right choice for your family.