Medical Insurance FAQs Answered


In a perfect world, everyone would be able to afford healthcare no matter the cost. In this world, there would also be peace and harmony throughout the globe. Of course, we all know that this place doesn’t exist, and some people suffer from ill health as a result. No one wants to have to worry about medical insurance the next time they go to a doctor’s surgery, which is why reading up on the topic is essential. With that in mind, here are the most commonly asked questions about medical insurance and the answers.


Do I Need It?

Yes, we all need medical cover because the cost of medical bills is getting higher. The average trip to the hospital amounts to a couple of grand, money which most of us don’t have under our beds. With the right cover, there is no need to pick up the check as the insurance company will do it instead. If we think about it rationally, it’s also an excellent business decision. Should the worse happen, there is no need to fork out vast sums of money and hurt the bank balance. Instead, we can pay the premiums which are much cheaper and more affordable.


How Do I Afford It?

That’s a good question because insurance premiums can be expensive, too. And, as there is no NHS to take up the slack, we are on our own. Well, we are not entirely alone thanks to Barack Obama. Obamacare is an insurance plan which attempts to make healthcare more affordable. It works by covering different parts of the patient’s plan depending on the particular needs. There are also offshoots like medicare parts A through D for older and disabled people. Hopefully, Obamacare and Medicare ensure that most of us are eligible for cheaper insurance. If we aren’t, the next option is to shop around for a great deal.

I Can’t Afford It. What Do I Do?

This is a nasty one to deal with because it doesn’t leave us with many options. Firstly, it’s a good idea to go back to the Obamacare rules and regulations and double check whether we are eligible. The entire point of the insurance program was to make healthcare cheaper for people like us, so there might be a loophole or a subsidy. For those of us that are unlucky, it’s time to get creative. In 2017, it is possible to piggyback off another person’s coverage for our benefit. If that doesn’t work, we should look at our contract of employment to see if we have or are eligible for insurance that way. It’s called insurance through the back door, and it’s literally a lifesaver.


Is Shopping Online Safe?

Why is this relevant? It’s relevant because the majority of insurance transactions happen online. However, if this is our first time buying coverage, it could be our first time online shopping. The internet is a dangerous place, but there are ways to ensure our safety. The best option is to look for an encrypted icon. It’s the green lock in the left-hand corner of the page, and it pretty much means that no one can access the sensitive data.

As Donald Trump recently said, ‘who knew medical insurance could be so complicated?’