Making It Your Last Pack: Reasons It’s So Difficult to Quit Cigarette Smoking


Vaping is growing in popularity yet cigarettes have been around for decades despite overwhelming knowledge of their detrimental effects. However, users continue the habit despite the awareness and the want to quit. One should not feel alone or discouraged. There are reasons it’s so hard to quit. Discover why it’s such a challenge to walk away from nicotine and survey ways to finally get it done.

Physical Dependence

As with drug users dependent on heroin or opiates, cigarettes contain nicotine, which makes users physically dependent on the substance. The ingestion of nicotine releases dopamine, which is responsible for a feeling of well-being. After a period of use, smokers need to smoke more to achieve the desired effect, thus beginning the cycle of addiction. Doctors can subscribe medications to overcome the physical dependence.

Psychological Dependence

Depending on one’s personality and habits, psychological dependence can be even harder to overcome. As mentioned, the nicotine releases dopamine and feelings of well-being, so a smoker creates routines, smoking when they get up, on break at work, when they get off work, when walking the dog, etc. It gets to the point where each day goes the same way. How can one get up, walk the dog, and take breaks at work without thinking about lighting up? Read about triggers and behavior modification.

Social Dependence

It’s likely you’ve ‘made friends’ with other smokers due to the mutual pastime. Likewise, those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol have friends that serve as triggers in addition to being a part of the larger source of social pressure. How easy will it be to quit if one’s friends smoke cigarettes? It’s probably best to inform friends of your decision to quit. Good friends will support you and will try to avoid smoking in front of you, etc.

Cold Turkey

Now that you know why it’s so hard, you can consider alternatives and methods of quitting. Obviously, cold turkey is a popular method, actually the most popular but not the most effective. It’s hard for people to quit one day for good and never look back. Other methods are a bit more practical.

Nicotine Switch

As mentioned, depending on one’s personality, it may be easier to quit if one modifies behavior. Therefore, while one is weening off of their nicotine addiction, they may switch from cigarettes to a patch or gum. Alternatively, a range of vape ready gourmet e-juices mix nicotine with natural ingredients. Find Gourmet eLiquid vendors online. However, the overall goal is to overcome one’s nicotine addiction and not just stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. The switch is most useful when combined with some sort of behavior therapy.

Prescription Drugs

As mentioned, medical doctors can prescribe a range of medications that help people fight nicotine addiction. Zyban and Chantix are among FDA endorsed solutions. Some find success in combining treatments. However, to date, the FDA has not approved using two nicotine replacement solutions at the same time; so you should ask a doctor before taking a medication and using the patch for instance.