Splish Splash: How Water Can Improve Your Health And Your Mind


At a time of human evolution when the pursuits of health and happiness are at the center of every lifestyle, the ways to improve our body and our mind multiple. How to quit smoking, how to detach yourself from the everyday stress, how to get fit, and finally how to build a successful relationship, you will surely have read about these in the recent magazine and blog articles around the new year. People are simply obsessed with wanting a better life than the one they have. You can even find a recent article on the blog that is full of inspirational ideas for a better and happier you. However, turning to the water for long-term support is the best thing you can do for your mind and your body. It’s more than a trend on how to fix mental and physical issues in a record time: It’s about unlocking the key to a healthier life. Like the Romans used to say: Mens sana in corpore sano, a sound mind in a sound body. And this is exactly what water does to you, day after day.

A Balanced And Healthier Diet

There is no doubt that introducing more water into your everyday diet is the way to a saner lifestyle. However, while most people know that they should be drinking around 2L of water in a day, there is very little understanding of the importance of water for the human body. Primarily, water is there to keep you hydrated: Your organs and your brain need water to keep things working as best as they can. For example, you probably know that the feeling of being hungover after drinking too much alcohol comes from severe dehydration, which is caused by the alcohol impacts on your brain cells. Naturally, the consumption of alcohol speeds the phenomenon, but in essence, not drinking enough water is a direct cause of a headache. Additionally, this is also proven to have an impact on your mood, making you feel a little grumpier than usual, and clouding your thinking process. In short, when you don’t drink enough water you can’t think clearly! In a busy office space where decisions need to be taken quickly and efficiently, it becomes essential to ensure that all boarding rooms have their water dispenser! But this is not all! Water helps your body to flush out bacteria and waste and can avoid a lot of troubles related to the ingestion of bad food or the transmission of contagious diseases. For many, the more they drink, the quicker their cold will be out of their system! Obviously, there is more to water than this. To name one of its better-known side effects, its weight loss support is renowned by the dieting and fitness enthusiasts who know too well that the mind can easily get confused between hunger and thirst and often pushes people to grab for a donut or a hotdog while all they needed was a glass of water. Besides as drinking makes you feel fuller, you are less likely to have terrible sweet cravings throughout the day! Another less known advantage of drinking plenty of water is that it genuinely reduces joint pain. Indeed, as your muscles and joints are better hydrated, they can move more easily, and therefore cause less pain in the process. As silly as it might sound, try to cure your joint pain with a glass of water before you look for a chemical cream. This could make your life a lot more comfortable!

Water Sports For All: The Fun Without The Pain

Water sports are famously less damaging on joints than other sports, and consequently they are a favorite among those who are worried about workout injuries. A simple example would be to compare running to swimming, as swimmers don’t experience any of the potentially harmful shocks that runners face each time their feet hit the ground. Yet, many still believe that water sports are not as demanding as other sports, and consequently prefer to leave them to pregnant women or an elderly arthritic population. This is, unfortunately, a misconception. Water sports have the advantage to exercise almost every part of your body, and much more than most non-water sports. While they are a great way to tone your entire body, they also provide a lot of variations so that everyone can find the right aquatic sport. If you enjoy slow and long movements, you could consider joining a class of synchronized swimming that will improve your flexibility and your silhouette with gentle movements. If you prefer faster and stronger workouts, you can consider boat-related sports, such as rowing or surfing. Additionally, while it may be difficult to practice all year long, you will find excellent machines to keep you in shape even throughout the cold months, take a look at these rower machine reviews to find out more. Last, but not least, water sports are proven to visibly reduce your stress levels, which means that you will start to feel more energized as you train more.

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Water For Relaxing

Picture, courtesy of Unsplash

It is not uncommon to think that the sound of water creates a stress-free environment that is ideal for relaxing. After all, most relaxation soundtracks focus around the sound of the water. And this is not a random choice, as unconsciously water takes you back to the peaceful and protected environment of the womb where you spent the beginning of your life. But, what is not often known, is that living near the water can truly improve your life. Studies have shown that people who live by the sea or the ocean are genuinely healthier : They visit their doctors less often than those who live away from the water, and they are more likely to live til older age too. Additionally, they also tend to report less physical pain, which seems to imply that, if their lifestyle isn’t gentler on the body, it is as least less harmful on the mind. Surprisingly too, areas along the water report less crime – which is a solid indication that people are really happier by the water, as there is less cases of violence and theft. However, this statement is only valid for a population that lives all year long by the water, so you can forget about peaceful beach holidays! In short, move in by the water to live a longer and happier life.