Unfortunate Things Which Happen To You During Pregnancy (And Ways To Get Rid Of Them!)


As much as being pregnant is wonderful, it does come with an array of issues which makes it a challenging time for moms to be. We have all heard about morning sickness and frequent urination during pregnancy. But there are a few other things which can occur that you might not have heard about before! Here are some unfortunate things which could happen to you during pregnancy and ways to get rid of them.


Bleeding gums

Your oral health can go through the mills during your pregnancy. For one thing, you might suffer from a toothache. And if you have had this before, you will know how painful it can be. But also, you might experience bleeding gums during your pregnancy. You will be brushing away, and when you spit, you might notice some blood in the sink! It’s down to pregnancy hormones which cause your gums to be more sensitive. Although it’s nothing to worry about, you need to ensure you don’t brush too hard on your gums. And stay away from hard foods which might cause your gums to bleed!


Prepare to feel like a teenager again when you are going through pregnancy. Acne comes with a vengeance during the nine months. It’s down to the hormones which cause the spots to appear. And although it will be worse on your face, it can be all over your body. Therefore, you might find it on your arms and chest during pregnancy. There are some creams you can get to help reduce the spots; just make sure they are pregnancy-friendly. Also, watch your diet to ensure you reduce the acne. And you can find natural ways to get rid of acne on sites similar to http://beautifullyalive.org/how-to-get-rid-of-chest-acne/. You will be surprised how much oatmeal can make a difference to your skin!

Hair loss

Unfortunately, you will have some fun with your hair during pregnancy. Although some women find it spurts up all over their body, a lot of women lose it from their head! It’s usually down to the hair going into resting phase during your pregnancy. To help boost your locks, make sure you are eating plenty of protein. And if you find it doesn’t return to normal a few months after pregnancy, it’s time to head to the doctors. They might suggest a treatment which will help your luscious locks. And you can read more about hair loss on my previous blog.

Body swelling

For a lot of women, they struggle with body swelling during their pregnancy. They often go up a shoe size and also can’t wear their favorite jewelry. As it says on http://theberry.com/2016/08/12/weirdest-pregnancy-body-changes/, the body produces 50% more body fluids during pregnancy. Therefore, that’s why your shoes might be feeling a little tight! To help ease the swelling, make sure you are not on your feet all day. And avoid wearing tight socks or tights which can make it worse. Thankfully, the swelling should pass at the end of your pregnancy!

             Image from Pixabay

And unfortunately, you will tend to smell everything during pregnancy. In fact, it can make some women feel very sick! So try and avoid strong smells when you are out and about to keep your lunch intact!