10 Crucial Tips For Toning Up After Christmas

So, you’ve had enough of watching the Victoria’s Angels strut their stuff down the catwalk whilst taking an occasional glimpse down at your… well, not so toned midriff.

It’s not all fun and games for those beautiful women though. In fact, it’s more like no pain, no gain, except without the ACTUAL gains.  Those women have to starve themselves slim and they certainly leave a lot to be desired where curves are concerned. But that’s their job and so who can blame them?

But it’s not yours.

You don’t need to starve yourself to get the body you want and if you are already slim and constantly being called “skinny”, these tone up tips will also be great for you too.

And remember, it’s not all your body. There are plenty of ways you can transform your appearance without making drastic changes to your body, diet or lifestyle. But if you are looking to feel just as confident with your clothes off then follow these simple hacks to getting toned.

  1. Flood your body with water

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Ok, so don’t actually flood it as there is such a thing as too much, but ensuring that you get your 6-8 glasses of water a day will certainly make all the difference. There’s no point working out and getting toned if you’re constantly too bloated to see the actual results.

Drinking ice cold water is even better as it makes the body work even harder to burn the calories and fat in your body. If water isn’t your thing then spruce it up a little by adding lemon, cucumber or even squash to help get it down easier.

2.Don’t be conned into buying stupidly expensive nutrition plans

Honestly, it’s not worth the money. Getting slim and toned is straight forward (not necessarily easy) if you exercise regularly and eat healthily. There is no big secret to getting toned, nor is there a special diet that will give you results none of the others will.

Take The Tone It Up workout and nutrition plans – they claim to be different and have two extremely fit women behind it, but at $150 for just one nutrition plan that isn’t anything special, it’s 100% not worth your buck. If you won’t take my word for it then check out the latest tone it up review to see it for yourself.

  1. The plank is now your best friend

Yup. Usually it’s the enemy and it’ll probably still feel like it is, especially when you wake up the day after. But this bad boy is your secret weapon to tightening up that stomach of yours and shrinking your waistline, so for that reason, the plank is now also your best friend.

  1. Push harder baby

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Push ups are also going to be part of your new clique. Yeah, sorry about that. Doing reps of these is a killer but this classic exercise has stuck around for so long because it really does work. It will work out your entire body and you’ll burn some calories whilst toning up too.

  1. Eat small, frequent meals

You need to get yourself out of the habit of splurging a few times a day and instead train yourself to eat little but often throughout the day instead. Eating frequently is great for your body because it keeps your metabolism going and that’s hugely important in any weight loss/toning up regime.

  1. Learn some portion control

Losing weight and toning up isn’t all about sacrificing everything you love in the food department. It also doesn’t mean giving up your social life and turning down any opportunity for cocktails or a meal out.

If meals with your friends and family are one of your favorite things to do in your down time, you can still continue doing it, but just remember portion control. If you go out to your favorite restaurant, section off a third of your meal to stop you from overindulging. Then ask the staff to bag it up for you so you can eat the leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. You can’t go wrong with that, can you?

  1. Punch away the calories

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Taking up boxing is fantastic for so many reasons. It’ll burn away the calories as it’s great cardio exercise, but you’ll also be toning up in the process. Once you’re a little more experienced and can throw a good right hook, try adding weights to your routine to make your muscles work twice as hard.

If you add boxing to your workout routine just four times a week for half an hour, you can easily lose one or two inches from your waistline and start revealing those hard earned abs. Fight away those bingo wings for trimmer arms as well.

  1. Weight training

Once you’ve got rid of the extra fat on your body, you’ll want to start doing weight training so that you have a more toned appearance. There are all sorts of weight training workouts and it depends entirely on whether you want to be toned overall or whether you want to work specific areas.

  1. Eat the right stuff

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Not all carbs were made equal and it’ll do you good to remember that. You obviously have a calorie intake to meet per day, but you can’t eat burgers and chips every day and expect to get lean, even if you are staying below or meeting your suggested calorie intake.

You need to swap your carbs for BETTER carbs. Try to avoid regularly consuming starches such as bread, pasta, potatoes and fuel your body with the correct carbs like veggies, fruit and whole grain.

  1. Interval training

This is one of the best ways to work out your body. Don’t waste your time slogging it for an hour on the treadmill when you can achieve the same results, if not better in just half the time. Try sprinting as fast as you can for one minute and then doing a light jog for one to two minutes instead. Keep that up for thirty minutes and aim to do it at least three times a week. This is great cardio that burns fat without also making you lose muscle – exactly what you need to tone up.

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  1. I always end up with a few more pounds after the holidays. Having to workout after Christmas and New Year is a lot of work. These tips are so helpful as I honestly don’t know where to begin. Thank you for sharing this!

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