10 Things You Should Buy for Your Wedding: the Ultimate Shopping List

Are you struggling to plan for your wedding? Well, you must be wondering how to keep track of the essential items you need for the big day. And that’s understandable given that even the most experienced wedding planners sometimes overlook a few things. Therefore, we decided to create this shopping list to help you plan accordingly for your wedding.

1-Bridal Veil / Hair Accessory

Which type of veil do you prefer? The floor-length type or the fingertip length drop design? You can only choose what you prefer if you shop around for the veil and hair accessory long ahead of the wedding. That way, you can compare the two designs and settle for what ticks your needs.

Wear the veil a few times during the search and take pics with your gown to get a feel of how you’ll look like. Only then can you know the appropriate veil accessory for you. Besides, you’ll have given yourself enough time to buy what matches your needs.

2-Bridal Emergency Kit

This is definitely not one of the things you have in mind. But you will find it rather handy, as a safety precaution in the event the unexpected occurs on your wedding day.

For instance, your dress gets hotter than anticipated, so you need extra deodorant, or you take too long to prepare and forget to brush your teeth. Only a Bridal Emergency Kit can hold the fort for you and save you the embarrassment that could arise from those moments.

3-Bridal Jewelry

Choose your bridal jewelry long before the big day!

Picking bridal jewelries for your wedding dress is not always a walk in the park. Keep in mind that gown designs with a high neckline may need a pair of chandelier earrings, while those with sweetheart necklines are better worn with sans earrings and a chunky necklace.

Check across different suppliers while comparing prices to see your jewelry options.

4-Bridal Lingerie

Going for appropriate lingerie like the bachelorette party or bridal shower is an excellent way to shop for lovely pieces of lingerie. Do not forget to purchase a piece of lingerie for your special someone as well. Look for sexy options that match your body type; something that will set the mood for a perfect honeymoon.

5-Wedding Welcome Sign

How would you want people to remember your big day? Make a point from the start if you want it to stick on their memories. Get the best signs and attract everyone’s attention to the grand union going down at whichever venue you choose. Shop around for the best welcome signs or come up with creative ones. You can also add decorating flowers to your wedding welcome sign. Find out more on flowers by learning about this company.

Don’t compromise on quality; how you welcome your guest’s matters to them and though no one will ask, a warm welcome sign will make them feel at home. Prepare the signs long before the day, so you don’t get caught up in last minute rushes.

6-Bridal Shoes

An essential that all brides should look into is a pair of comfortable designer shoes. Comfort is key because you will have those shoes on for the rest of the day. But design is crucial as well; be sure to get a pair that matches your wedding attire.

7-Wedding rings

Like shoes and other pieces of jewelry, a wedding ring is one of the critical items you need to purchase beforehand. What style do you want? How much do they cost? And most importantly, will it fit into you and your spouse’s ring fingers? Shop around to look for affordable yet flashy options that will mark the start of your union and shine all through your lives.

8-Dress Garment Bag

Your dress needs to stay as perfect as it is until the big day comes. But you willl also need to try it on a number of times to make sure you made the right selection. And the only way to keep it clean and pristine all through is to use a sturdy garment bag. Being the center of focus, you don’t want to leave any room for flaws.

9-Bridal Jacket or Wrap

A bridal wrap or jacket is a must-have. Remember, even hot summers can get very cold in the evenings. A jacket or cover is your best solution, as it keeps you warm while adding a very luxurious compliment to the entire look. In other words, it is a perfect way to stay warm without creating a fashion disaster. Remember, not every jacket or wrap will go with your bridal jacket.

10-Wedding Direction Signs

This is one item you’ll probably won’t remember, yet it is essential for the smooth running of activities come the big day. Imagine cars parked all over or everyone walking around trying to figure out where they should go next. Placing direction signs at different strategic locations will help create order, ease the process of directing guests, and quicken the process of moving from one activity to the next.

To ensure you are good to go before the wedding day, either buy or make DIY wedding direction signs in advance. That way you get the time to enjoy your rehearsal dinner instead of trying to come up with signs ahead of the big day.

Important direction signs to add include:

  • Parking signs
  • Restrooms signs
  • Ceremony direction signs
  • Reception signs

Wrapping Up

There’s no limit to the list of items one would suggest for your wedding day shopping list. But the above are the most important items to remember. Having them ready ahead of the busy day will allow you great peace of mind knowing that everything is in place. Also, remember to stick within the constraints of your budget by comparing your options across different suppliers. That way, you can meet your wedding shopping list demands without breaking your budget or getting caught up in the final minute rushes that could ruin your mood on what should be your happiest day.

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