4 Ways to Become More Efficient With Your Time


With the fast pace of society these days time is one of the most important assets we have and how we choose to spend it can either help us tremendously or hurt us devastatingly. Time is one of the hottest commodities in today’s world and there are always people and things fighting for ours.  Here are a few tips on how to be more efficient with your time.

1. Keeping a calendar

Most people have smart phones these days and all smart phones have a calendar app. This app can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of your life if you use it and use it properly. If you are planning on cleaning the house Saturday morning but know you have to leave by noon you can use your calendar app to block out your cleaning time, schedule the appointment, and set reminders to make sure you are keeping a good pace on cleaning and make sure you stop in enough time to get ready to leave. If you want a calendar that is more sophisticated than the standard one there are apps available with calendars that will set different schedules for each of your kids or for your different jobs.

2. Delegate

Trying to do too much when you have too little time will greatly slow you down and make you waste a lot of time. If you have things that you know need to be done but you don’t need to be the one doing them, delegate. If you have children and there are simple chores that they can do around the house so you don’t have to, have them do it. If you are a manager or boss in your work place delegate some of your smaller but time consuming tasks to your employees. If your planning an event bring a few friends along side you to take on some of the responsibly and tasks. Learning to delegate will save you time and energy that you could be putting into something else while at the same time getting what needs to be done taken care of.

3. Trim things back

If you really look closely and examine your everyday life I am sure you will find tons of things that you do that are meaningless and really a waste of time. If you wrote down every single thing that you did every single day you might notice that you spend way too much time watching TV or you spend countless hours of nothing on social media. If you really look closely I am sure you will find things in your life that are a waste of time and meaningless. When you cut these things out you will find way more time to do things that actually matter and bring value to your life.

4. Get a home security system

Getting a home security system might sound a bit obscure when we are talking about time efficiency but I found a company called Smith Monitoring that offers features that will save you so much time and energy. Smith Monitoring specializes in alarm systems. One of their coolest features that they offer is called the radius. You can set a radius of however many miles around your home and when you enter that radius your home security system can automatically turn on lights and appliances. If you know that when you get home you will only have 35 minutes to feed the kids and get back out the door you can set your oven to start preheating for the frozen pizza when you are 8 miles away from your home so when you walk in the door your oven in ready to put the pizza straight in. Think of all the possibilities this feature could have!

Author Bio: Ally is a writer, wife, youth mentor, and health nut. Follow her blogs for all the current trends on home, health, and family.