5 Things You Can Do, To Make Your Garden Look Pretty & Increase Your House Value


Making your house look good and also increasing the value of it is two things in an ideal world we would all do! Well, we have some great ideas for you to give your garden a bit more of a special feel. Not only will your garden really come to life. You will also be making your property in general look nicer and thus be far more attractive to any potential buyers out there. So keep on reading to see our five ways you can make your garden look better.

1: Get A Greenhouse

A greenhouse? Yes, a greenhouse, adding a greenhouse to any garden gives it a kind of charm that is just hard to describe. The cool thing is that greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes. For example, if you do not want a greenhouse taking up a ton of space in your garden. You want to consider adding a lean to greenhouse, this way you can have a nice space to potter around and it does not take up a ton of space on your property.

The greenhouse gives you a contained area where you can grow your own food, tend to plants and in general just have space where you can stretch those green thumbs of yours. Something like a greenhouse really makes a property pop as it shows that you have a love for gardening.

2: Plant Flowers

Ok so this really should go without saying, but nothing can bring a garden to life quite like some properly planted flowers. The keyword there was properly. Do not rush it, make it something you really take your time with and actually enjoy doing. If you have to, look online and get some ideas about not just what kind of flowers to get, but also what kind of flowers go well together. If you manage to get the right mix of flowers, you will be amazed at how awesome your garden can look.

But what if your green thumbs spend more time flicking through magazines and playing video games than gardening? Well, learning how to garden is a huge part of the fun so do not be discouraged. Like we said before getting something like a greenhouse is a great way to give yourself a bit of space to take care of flowers. Flowers that you can then put out in the garden to make the neighbours jealous. It may be hard work, cause you to get mud all over you, but it can also be incredibly rewarding as well.

3: Hiring A Landscape Gardener

Yes, we did just tell you how great, fun and rewarding taking charge of your own garden can be. But if after spending a weekend working on your garden, it looks like a scene out of some post apocalyptic movie. You might want to roll back down your sleeves, back away from the decapitated roses and give a landscape gardener a call. Have a look online or if you are old school, the phone book. Give a few different ones a ring and get some quotes.

Now the price may seem a heck of a lot higher than getting and planting your own. But if you are truly at your wits end what to do. Rather than spend more money on flowers that you are going to end up sending to flower heaven. Get a pro in who can at least get you started with a garden that looks incredible and then you can just maintain.

4: Consider A Patio Or Some Decking

We know that adding a patio or a decking area does sound like it is going to cost you a lot of money. But this is a very good way to take care of a portion of your garden so you do not have to worry about planting flowers or just general gardening there. A patio can really bring the garden together as well as giving you an area that you can have some chairs, a table or just a spot to have a few beers with your friends.

Decking, on the other hand, is ideal if you want something a little more impressive and high end looking. You can get decking in all kinds of sizes these days, from something with a small step up that can hold a table and a few chairs. All the way to these big hulking decking areas that you can use to host parties. Decking looks great and if you do have something like a shed, summerhouse, or whatever it really does help bring the garden together and make it more complete. A decking area along with a garden structure is certainly going to add value to your property.

5: Keep It Tidy

So this last tip may seem very general, but the truth is most gardens in the UK have the potential to at the very least look presentable sure on your drive home, you may see garden after garden that looks like the jungles of Skull Island or Jurassic Park. But all it takes to make your garden presentable is just keeping the weeds and flowers under control and making sure you keep that lawn nice and tidy. It sounds like a ton of work and when you look out your window, you may be full of dread. But after the initial hard work, keeping on top of your garden is not that hard at all.

Also, you will find that when you do keep your garden nice and tidy, you will be more included to get out there and actually do some work in it. Be it planting your own flowers or even taking the next step by growing your own food. We are not saying that you need to unleash your inner Alan Tichmarsh, but just keeping an eye on things and not letting your garden get wild will be a great way to keep it pretty and from being the embarrassment in the neighbourhood.