5 Very Good Reasons to Go to Therapy

 Baltimore is a city that can be rough and tumble. Every city has its drawbacks and imperfections, but Baltimore is not for the faint of heart. Just as Baltimore has a vibrant arts community, an enviable restaurant scene, world-class medical and educational institutions, it’s also a city touched by violence, the opioid epidemic, and poverty. All of those factors can cause or contribute to stress and erosion of mental health.


In a blue-collar city like this one, therapy isn’t a popular choice. However, mental illness is in no way an indicator of your mettle. In America, about one out of four people are dealing with some form of mental illness. If you feel like your world is spiraling out of control, then the best thing that you can do is get professional help. Continue reading to learn why therapy might be just what you need to get you back to being the best version of yourself.


If you’re hurting yourself or thinking about it


No one wants to see a person that they love get hurt by others, but it’s even more painful to see a loved one hurt themselves on purpose. Suicide is a problem that is only becoming worse nationwide. In Baltimore alone, there are about 53 suicides per year, and around 90 percent of those deaths are men. With that being said, even one per year is one too many.


Mental health professionals can help you work through the ill feelings and thoughts that are causing you to want to harm yourself. If you’re alive, then you have something to live for. Neither the world nor your family will be any better without you, but with therapy, you can be better for the world and your family.


If you’re struggling with addiction


Baltimore, like many other cities and towns in the country, is currently embroiled in an opioid epidemic. This epidemic is tearing families apart, landing parents in prison or an early grave and kids in foster care.


While there are clinics designed to help wean addicts off of opioids, methadone or buprenorphine won’t help you find the root cause of your addiction. Seeking counsel from a psychologist in Baltimore, or your local city, will allow you to take a look at the deeper issues that are fueling your addiction. Working through your issues with a therapist can help you get clean and stay that way.


You want to improve your marriage


Marriage is hard work, but when you said “I do” to your spouse, you felt like they were worth that hard work. Often times, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, and in these cases, an outside perspective makes all of the difference in the world. While you and your significant other may not agree on everything after therapy, you can learn how to work through disagreements without causing each other pain.


If you have PTSD


Baltimore is a city with its own charm, but it’s also a city with its fair share violence. PTSD is more associated with war than anything else (and perhaps rightfully so) but being violently victimized can also cause PTSD.


If your peace of mind has been robbed by a tragic event, then you should consult a therapist. Constantly reliving your trauma can make you a prisoner of your own mind and completely rob you of your joy and freedom. It can cause insomnia, night terrors, and even make you afraid to leave your own house.


Get help from a professional who can help you properly process your trauma so that you can get back to living your life.


If you’re struggling with your sexuality or identity


While this world is more enlightened than ever, it can still be a cold place for those struggling with their sexuality or gender identity. Talking out your fears in relation to your gender identity and sexuality can help you gain the confidence to be comfortable in your own skin.


After all, everyone deserves their own happiness. Don’t let your mind fester in unhappiness — get help and get better!

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