6 Bra Shopping Rules That You Should Follow

It is definitely going to be an emotional experience for any adolescent girl, when she is standing in the dressing room, blushing, while her mother and the sales lady is looking for the first ever bra that she is going to require. No girl can deny the fact that she goes through the same emotional and embarrassing process when her body starts developing. However, as they start growing older, they start embracing their curves and fall in love with their body. You might have been through a similar situation and you do understand that finding the ideal undergarments can definitely feel like a mystery that cannot be solved easily. You need to know that your perfect bra does not have to be elusive. In case if you are constantly confused when you are purchasing a bra for yourself, you need to know certain shopping rules, so that you get the perfect bra size.

Given below is a list of the rules that you should definitely follow.

Knowing the measurements

The first and most important thing that every lady needs to do before purchasing a bra is getting fitted, which means getting the appropriate measurements from under her bust to the fullest part of her bust. According to www.womansday.com, 85% of ladies do not know that they are not wearing the right bra size. Also, the biggest mistake committed by any lady is that she does not get herself fitted before purchasing a bra. When you buy yourself a brand new pair of shoes, it is obvious that you spend a lot of time in the shoe store to ensure that they fit you comfortably. Similarly, when you are purchasing your bra, you need to do the same.

Getting fitted only once is not all, because it is obvious that the shape of your body, as well as your weight, is going to change as you age. This means that with time the size of your bra is also going to change. You need to get a bra checkup in case if your body weight starts fluctuating by 10%, which is going to happen because of pregnancy, exercising, nursing, changes in the diet, weight gain, hormones, puberty, and menopause.

The cups need to be front and center

As soon as you have knowledge about the real size of your bra, it is crucial that you find the perfect undergarment, which will not only provide support but also ensure that your breasts are positioned correctly. Whenever you look into the mirror, you should see that your bra has lifted and centered the breasts right in the middle of your elbows and shoulders. Also, the breasts need to stay within the frame of the body. You should ensure that your breasts are not wide apart or low. Apart from that, there needs to be a definition of 1 inch between both the breasts.

The bra has to fit firmly around the body frame

Most women are responsible for associating loose fitting clothes with comfort; however, you need to know that your bra always needs to have a comfortable and snug fit. 90% of the stability of the bra is dependent on the firmness of the band as well as how it is leveling around your body. If the bra is extremely loose, it is obvious that it is going to start shifting up, and the components that are supposed to provide support to your breasts will be unable to do so. Your bra needs to be tight enough and you can do this by ensuring that only two of your fingers fit under your band. The back of your bra has to be level with or even lower than the bra’s front. It is obvious that you will want your bra to remain stable when you are moving throughout the entire day.

Go for stretching

Most of the bras are known to be made up of flexible materials, which include spandex and Lycra. With time, when you are wearing your bra normally, it is obvious that your bra is going to start stretching out. It is recommended that you purchase a bra, which is going to fit you ideally when the bra is latched at the position, which is widest, so that you can understand how much it can stretch and last, even after you wear it for a long time.

Ensure that you are noticing the seam

It is true that it is not responsible for providing support, but a properly structured cup along with the seam is responsible for providing a nice lift along with the best possible shape to your breasts. The tissue of your breasts are going to rest on this seam, and hence the ideal way of understanding the shape of the bra that you are looking forward to purchasing is by taking a look at the bra’s seam. If the seam is running across your bra, it is going to make your breast look much fuller. On the other hand, if your seam runs upwards and downwards, it will be responsible for making the breast appear centered. Depending on the kind of dress that you are wearing, you can choose your bra. If you are of plus size, you can definitely opt for the biggest bra size after taking help from the experts present in the store.

Ensure that you are wearing the right size of cloth when you are shopping

Even when you are shopping for a bra, you need to ensure that you are wearing the correct size top, when you are going to the store. According to experts, high collared or a loose shirt is not capable of showing how your bra is going to look, especially if you are looking forward to wearing body-conscious dresses. It is suggested that you wear fitted tops or shirts when you are trying on different bras so that you get the ideal knowledge about the shapes that the different bras are capable of providing. Apart from that, if you have any shirt or a dress, that has a really tricky neckline or any feature that is making it difficult for you to find the ideal kind of bra, it is important that you carry this particular piece along with you. You can be assured that the experts present in a store will help you to get the ideal solution.


Shopping for a bra without knowing the right rules can be harmful to you and your body. Ensure that you are considering the tips that have been mentioned above so that you get knowledge about purchasing your bra.

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