7 Factors That Help Determine How Much a Personal Injury Case Is Worth


If you are determined to seek justice by filing a personal injury claim, then you should be able to determine how much your personal injury is worth. Look all the possibilities and determine how much you are likely to be compensated.

An injury claim is not a cut-and-dry situation that you can be 100 percent sure that someone is at fault. This means you should do your research well before rushing into things. If you are not sure about the legal procedures, why don’t you try consulting a personal injury attorney that can help you with your case?

There is usually a number of factors that will determine how much you are likely to be compensated from your personal injury case. So, be sure to look at those factors before you file your case. And just like it’s said above, look for a lawyer to help you if you have no legal skills.

Below are 7 factors that will help you determine how much a personal injury case is worth.

1) Where the Lawsuit is Filed

You may ignore this, but it’s actually the truth; different countries or counties will have different factors. So, it would be wise to first know what your county values in terms of factors.

That means, wherever your case will be heard will also impact on the amount of compensation you will be awarded. There are some areas where plaintiffs are awarded large settlements with similar cases. If not sure how to go about it, try LevinInjuryFirm.com.

2) Precedence In a Similar Case

Most courts will use precedence to determine several cases. So, they will check if a similar case was already ruled then they will use the same ruling to avoid wastage of time.

Juries or judges will use the past verdicts to determine cases, especially if your case is similar to one that had already been decided in the past.

      3) Shared Fault?

Don’t think the case will end after the judge or jury decides on what amount you will compensate the plaintiff. The judge or jury may still go back and adjust the amount while considering several factors.

4) Details Surrounding Medical Expenses

When you get involved in an accident, you will need to visit a medical expert. Not only will the time you visit the medical facility have an impact on your case, but also whom you got medical help from.

If you went to a medical clinic that specializes in treating accident victims, they are likely to charge high because they are aware that you will be compensated for it.

5) Multiple Victims

If you got involved in an accident with several other people, there is likelihood that many people are going to file claims to get compensation.

This will speed up things faster for you – insurance policies being reached quickly. So, what you’ll need to do is to turn against each other and determine who will walk away with the lion’s share.

6) Hard Injuries

Hard injuries means that you have suffered spinal injuries, bone fractures, nerve damage, or head injuries which are more serious.

Such kinds of injuries are treated seriously in courts when dealing with personal injury cases. This is because X-rays or MRIs proves the damage.

7) Amount of Liability Evidence

If you are serious about getting compensated for your injury, then you must able to prove that the other person cause your injury.

So, give your personal attorney a humble time to enable him collect the evidence that he or she will use in court during your trials.

Bottom Line

The above factors should help you determine how much your personal injury claim will be worth before you even file your case.