Live Long and Prosper: 9 Areas of Your Health That Can Be Improved by Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery has seen a constantly-growing popularity in the US over the past few years. And you must have known it as a method used mainly to change a person’s appearance. But did you know that there are areas of your health that can be improved by this type of surgery? Well, yes there’s quite a number actually. Here are examples of the major areas that different procedures can improve your general well-being. Please read on.


  1. Improves Your Breathing

Having enough sleep is essential to our health. And everyone deserves to have a good and peaceful sleep at night. Where they won’t be constantly woken up in the middle of the night by the excessive snoring from those around them. This condition of having difficulty in breathing which leads to excessive snoring is normally caused by a deviated septum. Luckily, there’s a lasting solution to this condition, a Rhinoplasty – a surgery done to reshape the nose to balance it with the rest of the face. Therefore, if you, your spouse, or a family member has this condition, it is advisable to seek help from a certified rhinoplasty surgeon. There are several health facilities, such as the Carolina Facial Plastics PLLC, where you can find certified and experienced surgeons to help you.


  1. Improves Your Self-Esteem

Your esteem is more likely to go down if you’re born with or have developed some deformities in some part(s) of your body along the way. Certain lifestyle choices and aging can also affect your self-esteem. And maybe you thought there’s nothing you can do about the situation except to just accept and live with it. But have you considered trying a relevant plastic surgery procedure? This can really help improve your physical appearance. And, of course, you’ll feel much better after the process is completed successfully, right? When you feel happy, you’ll be emotionally healthy and your self-esteem will be significantly improved.


  1. Reduces Risks of Diabetes

The accumulation of fatty acids in your body impairs its ability to break down insulin. This situation increases the risk of diabetes. But some plastic surgery procedures have been proven to be a suitable remedy for this situation. The surgery enables for the removal of some of the fat cells in your body responsible for producing fatty acids. And this will, in turn, reduce the risk of diabetes. Therefore, if you’re having a history of obesity, you may consider plastic surgery as one of the strategies to prevent diabetes. However, to improve the quality of your life, you’ll need to take regular exercising, proper dieting, and weight loss seriously.


  1. Relieves Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Having excessively large breasts can be very stressful. You’ll tend to experience neck, back, or shoulder pain after a somehow long walk or if you’d assumed a bad posture for some time. And there’s a high probability you might find yourself in this situation after you become a mom. Will it really be worth it accepting to live with such pain and discomfort when plastic surgery can solve the problem? Of course not. A breast reduction procedure will help you get rid of the problems.


  1. Reduces Risks of Heart Problems

Improved blood pressure and low cholesterol levels are the most essential factors when it comes to heart conditions. Procedures such as liposuction and band surgery can be used to reduce the number of fat cells in your body. This will positively impact your cholesterol level and blood pressure thus reducing the risk of heart problems. However, you may first need to consider other weight loss strategies before the surgical methods if you’re obese since these methods can only remove a small amount of fat. This does not mean they’re not that effective, but it’s essential for better results.


  1. Improves Your Vision

Droopy eyelids and dry-eye problems have become very common nowadays in all the states. Patients experiencing such problems tend to have vision difficulties as a result. But these problems can be brought to an end through Blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery. This surgery will improve your vision by fixing the droopy eyelids and rectifying the dry-eye problems. And you’ll be relieved from the debilitating effects you’ve been facing all this time.


  1. Enhances a Healthier Lifestyle

Plastic surgery may not be that cheap, considering the complex nature of the process and the technology used. And after the surgery, you’ll probably focus on making the most out of the energy that you channeled into the process to achieve a specific goal. You’ll do all it takes to maintain the impressive outcome. Otherwise, you’ll have wasted your time and money going for the surgery in the first place. This means that you’ll adopt a more active lifestyle and better diet that will generally have a positive impact on your health.


  1. Improves Your Self-Confidence

Improvement in all of the above areas plus the health benefits that come with each will automatically improve your self-confidence. Unlike before where you hardly believed in yourself at school, in the place of work, or whatever place you’d feel embarrassed, your self-confidence will improve right after the surgery. Some challenges that come with aging – such as wrinkles and excess skin – can really eat your self-confidence. But a rhytidectomy can give you a more youthful appearance and your confidence will significantly improve. Beauty attracts confidence, and surgeries like facelift, forehead lift, and rhinoplasty can help enhance your beauty hence improving your self-confidence wherever you go.


  1. Extends Your Life Expectancy

Perhaps you may be wondering how this can be possible with plastic surgery, right? Well, think of it this way. The surgery has a lot of health benefits – improved breathing, self-esteem, self-confidence, vision, reduced risk of heart condition and diabetes, a healthier lifestyle, and less chest, neck and back pain. These benefits are among the essential factors that can help you live longer.



Your health is the most important factor in your life. It’s your responsibility to take care of your health in order to avoid common health problems. And plastic surgery is one of the methods you can use to improve your health in different ways explained above. Also, look out for other relevant themed blogs to learn more about the benefits of plastic surgery.