A Beginner’s Guide To PVC Tape


Pretty much everyone has used PVC tape for one thing or another. It’s really cool stuff, and it is useful in a myriad of ways. If you’re like most people, you probably have not bothered to think that much about PVC tape, but it’s actually an interesting invention that’s worth learning about.

What Exactly Is PVC Tape?

Tape was first invented around 170 years ago. Since then, the quality and variety of tape has changed from simple sticky tape to the useful PVC tape that can be found today. The correct term for PVC tape is polyvinal chloride tape. No one wants to say that all the time, so the name has been shortened to PVC tape. The thing that’s great about this tape is that it is super durable, but it tears easily by hand. It is even moisture resistant. PVC tape can be used on just about anything like cardboard, plastic, and metal. It comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, and it even has a bit of electrical insulation. If you’re looking for a tape that peels easily from most surfaces, is non-corrosive and flame resistant, than this tape is perfect for you.

Are There Different Kinds Of PVC Tape?

When you think about PVC tape, you most likely envision a roll of black tape. These days, PVC tape comes in an interesting variety of colors and even patterns. This kind of tape comes in a rainbow of colors ranging from blue, red, and green to orange, purple, and yellow. Businesses can use these different colors to match their business colors or to color code items. Many online companies even offer the opportunity for businesses to special order their own personalized printed PVC tape. Businesses can have their company logos, slogans or web addresses printed on the tape for an inventive and unique advertising scheme.

Patterned or colored PVC tape can be an excellent addition to any business. There are so many options in terms of size, width, color, and pattern. You have the opportunity to order now or wait and order PVC tape with a customized print or pattern.