What Do You Absolutely Need To Know About Body Fat?


Body fat is a term that is used by most people in an inappropriate way. The truth is that most have no idea what body fat is and why it is so important for the human body. We see many supplement manufacturers like Le-Vel Brands that try to educate people but at the end of the day it is our responsibility to know as much as possible about our health. The most important thing that everyone has to know is that body fat is vital for the body when in proper proportions. Just as with everything in life, when too much or too less is present, health issues appear.

What Is Body Fat?

In a familiar tone people say body fat when they want to talk about obesity and high cholesterol levels. This is completely incorrect as an assessment since the human body does require fat in order to handle various structural and metabolic functions. Excesses will have those serious health functions you do not want to be faced with.

The human body naturally produces fat by absorbing the fat that is included in what we eat. Metabolism is responsible for breaking down fat. This happens in 2 byproducts:

·        Fatty Acids

·        Glycerol

Glycerol will be processed into glucose by the liver, thus having energy storage. The fatty acids stand out as a very important energy source for body tissues. This is especially the case with cardiac and skeletal muscles.

Body Fat Benefits

When you have good body fat levels, there are so many benefits that appear because body fat is a contributor to various major functions. You should know that body fat helps in:

·        Maintaining healthy skin and hair

·        Maintaining an appropriate body temperature

·        Acting as shock absorbers so that bones are protected

·        Absorbing vital vitamins like K and A

·        Offering a boost to the immune system to protect against illness and ailments

When Too Much Body Fat Exists

The big problems appear when too much body fat is present inside the body. This has various negative effects, especially when the fat is not burned off. Fat accumulates and can lead to obesity. Such a situation will trigger different health concerns like heart disease and arthritis. An ideal body fat percentage will vary from one person to the next but for women it is normally between 21 and 24 percent and for men it is between 14 and 17 percent.

Increased Body Fat Concerns

The reason why so many these days do not understand what body fat actually is can be found in the number of people that struggle with obesity and are overweight. It is really important that you make sure that the body has enough fat to properly operate but you should never have too much. Fortunately, this is normal if you respect a healthy lifestyle. For most people all that is needed is to follow proper nutrition plans and go through moderate exercise on a weekly basis. This is not at all something that is difficult to do so you want to find the time to do it.