Affordable Boilers for Home Heating


Keeping warm in winter is a necessity that you can ill afford to do without. While it can seem like a luxury for some, having a well-heated home ensures a healthier and more comfortable environment to live in, and does not have to come at high expense.

Whether owning your own home or renting, finding the right appliance or heating system that is energy-efficient and also fits in with the weekly budget, is essential. Boilers are one such system that many property owners choose to have installed. They are an excellent alternative that can provide more than just good monetary value.


Different Boiler Types

Domestic boilers come in various makes and models. Using electricity or a source of fuel such as gas, oil or LPG (liquid petroleum gas), they can be fitted into a ceiling cavity, loft space or other suitable location in the home. They offer a reliable and continuous supply of warmth, and can produce hot water directly, or for a separate cylinder.

Combination (combi) boilers are one of the most popular types of boilers to be installed in British homes. Economical to run, they provide water heating and central heating in one simplified unit. Helping to reduce hot water costs, they are also very cost-effective in their installation and pipe work.

Another fairly common type are conventional (or ‘regular’) boilers. More complicated in layout than combi boilers, they require cisterns in the roof space, and feature a hot water cylinder, control unit and pump for operation. Conventional boilers are an older style of heating system that can be used for central heating purposes. It has a cylinder to store hot water for laundry, shower and kitchen needs, and is similar in many respects to system boilers.

System boilers are quick to install and operate by a pump. Not requiring extra cisterns for operation, hot water can be pumped through the boiler, the heating system to radiators and cylinder. This leads to greater efficiency in heat output and less costs in running the system. With many components built into the boiler itself, system boiler installation can be a lot faster and neater than conventional types.


Boiler with Income Benefits

Heating hot water and home interiors, boilers cost less money than you think. For anyone looking to improve their home heating, there are different options that can be affordable, even at not cost. If you receive income that includes mean-tested benefits, whether it’s income support, pension, working tax, child tax credits or allowances, there is always the possibility of receiving a free boiler with the Affordable Warmth Scheme.

Aiming to reduce the energy consumption in homes and properties across the UK, the scheme is part of the Energy Companies Obligation’s mission to help as many home owners as they can to afford new heating improvements. With over £1 billion funding available, it is always worth finding out if you are eligible to apply. You might be quite surprised at what you can receive.