De-Clutter Your Home and Make A Little Cash to Boot!


It’s no secret that most of us have a house full of stuff we’ve collected over the years. Stuff that we no longer use. I know for a fact, I have boxes and closets full of stuff I forget about.

Recently while cleaning out our storage I came across a bunch of CD’s, DVD’s and Video Games the kids used to play. Kids taste changes so fast, one minute they want this video game and the next they want a newest one on the market. I can’t keep up.

I decided since they’d all been sitting in the storage for a while that I’d sell them and try to get a little cash back from all the money I’d previously spent on them. But, I really didn’t want to use an auction site, they can be a ton of work. I wanted to find a place where I could sell my stuff online in just one lump and be done with it.

So, I Googled “sell my stuff online” and come up with MusicMagpie’s. After looking over their site and terms I was thrilled, I found a site where I could actual sell the items I have all in one lump sum!

MusicMagpie’s buys Video games, CD’s, DVD’s and BluRay movies. You don’t have to auction them or list them for sell and hope someone buys them. And you don’t have to package each one individually and make a million trips to the post office.  In fact, all you have to do is enter the bar-code for each item and it will give you a price that MusicMagpie’s will pay you for each item.

When it’s all done, you’ll have a grand total of what they will pay you for your goods. Then they will give you a shipping label to put on your package. AND SHIPPING IS FREE TOO!. You can either take the items to the post office or UPS or you can schedule one of the services to pick it up right at your home FREE!

Okay ladies, I know you’re always discussing ways to make extra money. Well here is your opportunity. Go clean out your closets and storage boxes and get to selling those CD’s, DVD’s, and Video Games you have sitting around!