Are You Going To Give Up? The Things In Life You Really Should Quit


There is a lot of pressure on us to succeed. Giving up simply isn’t an option. We see it in sports, in our careers, and throughout our schooling. Quitting is seen as something negative, perhaps even something to be ashamed of. But there are plenty of times in life when quitting is the best thing you can do. And quitting could be seen as a success! It’s definitely a good thing to quit your bad habits and bad situations.

We all have bad habits. And every New Year, we list all of those resolutions to quit them. It’s never easy to do, despite your school coach saying that giving up is the easy way out! On the contrary, it takes a lot of determination and tenacity. For example, smoking is addictive, but it’s been proven to cause harmful diseases and death. Have a look at websites like to find out more. We know we need to quit, but it can be so hard.

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When it comes to quitting smoking, you might need to try a different approach. Patches do little to keep your hands busy or satisfy your breathing. Gum can keep your mouth busy, but the flavors are often unpleasant. Vaping has become the most common alternative to smoking and is considered by some to be the healthier approach to cigarettes. Websites like offer hundreds of delicious flavors to make it far more pleasant than toking on the old cancer sticks too.

If you find your mind often struggles to stay calm, it’s worth finding out why. Many people looking to keep their stress levels down believe that keeping your rooms tidy and organized can be hugely beneficial. Tidy room, tidy mind? There could be some truth in that. Or it maybe the process of finding a home for everything and clearing out the room is therapeutic in itself. If you quit the clutter, you might find it easier to declutter your busy mind too.

Relationships are difficult to maintain. After all, we’re all unique people with our own set of values and goals. But some relationships are so hard to manage that there is little to no pleasure left. Bad relationships don’t do us any favors. They weigh heavily on the mind, and can feel very uncomfortable at home. Sometimes you can both be set free to find better fitting relationships if you call it quits. Sure it’s hard, and yes you might feel alone. But all that will only be temporary as you realize life is better apart.

Holding back or biting your tongue could be something else you might want to quit doing. If you know you’re due a promotion or a pay rise,  remind your boss just how good you are. Not taking that course or that exam because you’re worried you’ll fail won’t achieve anything. You still won’t have that qualification! And if you want to experiment with that recipe to make it zing, then go for it.

Quitting the things that are unhealthy or holding you back can be a positive move in your life. Sure, you might need a little help and support to make it happen. Look forward to a fresh start in your life by quitting the old habits now.