What Are The Benefits Of Getting Dentures?

Tooth loss is hard for people to deal with, of any age. It’s such a common problem that it’s likely you’ll have to deal with it at some point, too. Teeth can be knocked out, they can be lost as we age, or we can simply not look after them and they can fall out. The possibilities are many.

However you lost your teeth, it’s important not to give up hope. The great thing about living in 2016 is that there’s help for pretty much any situation you can think of! This extends to health, and it extends to our teeth.

So even if you think your problems are irreparable, fear not. A set of dentures could be the solution you seek, offering you a way to restore that lovely smile of yours. Have a read on for some more important advice!

  1. A fully functioning set of teeth

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The first, most obvious benefit to getting a set of dentures is that you’ll be given a fully functioning set of teeth. While nothing will ever be able to replace your natural chops, dentures are the next best thing. You can live, laugh and eat again just as you normally would. Just look after this set!

  1. They look natural

If you suffer tooth loss for whatever reason, one of the hardest things to do is to regain that natural smile. You may feel it’s impossible to do so, but dentures are as close as you can possibly get.

The materials used for both the frame and the artificial teeth are matched to your gums and existing teeth. This ensures that everything blends together nicely, and nothing looks out of place. Your smile will remain looking as natural as possible, without the worry of anything looking fake.

  1. They’re not that expensive

That’s not to say that they’re cheap, but dentures are generally a fast, easy remedy to complete that smile. In fact, the great thing about many oral health solutions is their affordable price, and dentures are no different.

What’s more, it’s easy to find a denture clinic who can give you a quick price quote. It’s not as though you’ll have to wait days and weeks to find out if this is the right option for you. For most people, it’s a simple choice and you can get it done quickly and inexpensively.

  1. You’ll feel more confident

A healthy smile is key to your all-around confidence. Without it, you may feel shy, and could lack that self-esteem that can lead to depression. The key here is to restore your oral health to its former glory, and dentures are a way to do that.

This increased confidence can have an impact on many areas of your life, from work, to relationships and social time. Your happiness will rub off on other people too, and all round, staying as positive as possible is the best way to live.

  1. They’re comfortable, and hardly noticeable

Older denture technology did have many problems, something many dentists will admit. However, this technology has advanced, and dentures are currently comfortable and all but invisible.

Your dentures will fit comfortably, and after a while, you’ll forget that they’re even there. Newer materials are being used in dentures and they’re a significant step up from the older versions. If you’ve experienced dentures before and didn’t have an enjoyable experience, now may be a good time to dip back in.

  1. You don’t need to use any adhesive

That is, if you don’t want to use any adhesive. Your dentures will be fitted to your mouth and will slip on perfectly, all being well. Sometimes, they can slip when you cough or sneeze, but just bite down on them until they slide back in place.

If you want to use some sort of denture adhesive, your dentist can help you out with this. It’s perfectly safe and healthy, and helps you to hold your dentures in place more securely. Plus, this adhesive is discreet, so your mouth will look as normal as ever.

  1. They can be fitted immediately

If you choose to go with immediate dentures, you will not have to wait while your mouth heals. An immediate denture is installed as soon as your teeth have fallen out or been removed.

This means that you can lose your teeth one day, and have dentures the next. You won’t have to go very long without a complete set of chops! You’ll just need to go for a preliminary visit, so the dentist can measure up your jaw and teeth.

  1. They won’t affect your eating in any way

One worry people have when considering dental treatment is the impact it’ll have on their diet. In some cases, like if you get fillings, you can’t eat for a few hours afterward. But more often than not, any long-term effects are minimal, or non-existent.

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And dentures are no different. You may have a tough period upfront, but in the long run, you can eat and drink as normal. You can enjoy all your favorite foods and drinks with ease. You can brush your teeth normally as well, with no issues. The same is true even if you have an adhesive, too.

  1. Smile!

Hopefully, this post has helped you out in some way. Tooth loss and oral problems are never easy, but fortunately, there’s plenty of help available. No matter your age, dentures are a functional solution that allow you to live normally.

I’d recommend starting out with a preliminary discussion with your dentist. Here, you can discuss your options and decide which course of action is best for you. Maybe that course is dentures, and maybe it’s not. All you can do is enquire!

Once you’ve chosen the best kind of treatment for you, take the time to brush up on it. If you’re getting dentures, research denture care and maintenance. Read up on some problems to expect, and some tips and tricks. Ask your dentist for advice. Your mouth won’t look after itself, and it’ll be up to you to make sure it stays healthy.

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  1. Wow, I never knew that getting dentures could give you that all-natural smile after suffering from tooth loss. My friend was involved in a car accident recently, and he’s reluctant to meet anyone because of his missing tooth. I believe consulting a dentist that could get this sorted out is a good ide!

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