Best of Both Worlds: Low-Tech Methods to Keep Your Family Home Cool


It’s hard to survive the rising temperatures of summers. And it’s tougher to bear the electricity bills of using air conditioners. But here’s an inspirational reminder: air conditioning wasn’t a part of our ancestors’ lives. But they knew how to beat the heat! Luckily, in this era, you have a myriad of low-tech options to ditch your electric bill by changing your air conditioning habits.

This is as easy as starting off today. Below are some highly practical tips to enjoy summers without worrying about those air conditioning kilowatts that drain your money!

Consider Home Improvement Specifically for Non-A/C Purpose

If you are really passionate about NOT using air conditioning, then keep this in your high-priority list: work on some home improvement tasks. Though this seems like spending a lot of money, it actually is the contrary. Some useful options to keep the heat away from your home include adding insulated windows (these work similar to window blinds), planted trees, vines, and awnings. These small changes will reduce the level of heat absorbed by your house.

Remember that it’s a one-time expense – you’ll reap the benefits of these long-term home improvements for a lot of summers to come.

Make the Best Use of a Fan

Want to feel the sea breeze? If used the right way, a fan beats the air conditioner for sure! Try out this great trick: put an ice pack (or a few ice cubes) in a medium bowl. Place this bowl in front of the best quiet fan, and wait for a few minutes. The air will whip off those ice cubes at a chilled temperature. You won’t believe it unless you experience this cool breeze magic!

Prefer Outdoor Grilling Over Cooking Inside Your Kitchen

Using your stove in higher temperatures will naturally make you feel hotter. A better option is to use your grill! Besides grilling your family’s favorite food items, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the charm of seasonal accessories and outdoor furniture. And how about throwing an outdoor dinner party at your own home without feeling completely burned out and exhausted? The options are endless.

Take Care of Your Body’s Temperature

There’s a lot you can do to not feel the burning sensation of the cruel summer. An easy tip is to start focusing on the temperature of your own body. Some tried-and-tested tricks to keep your body cool include sipping iced drinks, putting a cold cloth on your wrists and neck, wearing light-fabric clothes, and avoiding hot drinks such as tea or coffee.

Wrapping it Up

Applying these low-tech home cooling ideas and combining these with the usual solutions is worth saving your money as well as the environment. Being creative with keeping your home cool requires just a bit of your efforts. Being proactive is the name of the game! Just before the summer season begins, allocate just a few minutes of your day in incorporating these changes into your life. You’ll feel the difference.

Amber Stone is a Mom who works from home. As she spends so much time at home she is always seeking ways to improve the environment, whether clever design ideas for the home office or cheap ways to keep her warm or cool.