Can You Prevent Wrinkles With Diet Or Creams?


It’s tough when you’re busy, but taking care of your health is really important. We’ve all skipped the odd meal, or opted for a takeaway instead of cooking. I’ve been thinking more about how important diet can be for my health. I think all of us have tried to include a healthy diet as a New Year resolution at some point, but I’m thinking of making some improvements now.

A lot of people say that a good diet not only keeps your body in good health, but it shows on your face that you are eating well. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain a lot of good vitamins and minerals that are essential to healthy hair, skin and nails. As we age, the hair thins out, our nails become brittle, and skin loses its plumpness. I know my skin is aging, but I’m not seeing lots of wrinkles just yet. Is there a way to avoid them?

Happy young woman applying cream in bathroom

Lots of diets claim to turn back the clock on the effects of aging, but I’m wondering if they can hold back the effects of time on my skin too. Eating red salads is thought to help keep the skin plump. It seems the best way to avoid baggy eyes and lines it to avoid the foods that can help cause them. Sugar is thought to be the biggest enemy, but cutting it out altogether sounds really hard!


Many anti-wrinkle creams claim to contain the vitamins that we get from a healthy diet of fruit and veg. It is thought that applying them directly to the skin gets them to work in the places we need it the most. There are a few skin & neck tightening products reviewed on that contain those vitamins. If they can tighten sagging skin and jowls, then they might help keep you looking youthful.


When it comes to the signs of aging, I know I don’t want wrinkles or jowls or saggy skin on my neck. I think a good diet can go a long way, but I also can see the benefits of applying beauty products to give my skin a boost. I’ve already been paying a lot of attention to my skincare routine. Some moisturizers are better for my skin than others. It’s certainly worth picking ones with the right combination of ingredients. You can certainly see the difference if you don’t use them for a few days.


As for my diet, I think it will have to make changes in little steps. Giving up all the sweet things in life like cookies, cakes and chocolate is tough. Cutting down is always a good idea, but we all need those comfort foods sometimes. I know I should make an effort to add more vegetables to my meals though.


At the end of the day, our genes are one of the biggest factors in how we look as we age. I may be able to stave off the odd wrinkle and baggy eye with diet and beauty creams, but I’m still going to get older.